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I missed this one. Those who may want to get involved with this one keep an eye on it. I personally am waiting to get in on this one. Too risky to go long now in my opinion. I'm waiting for a Second Test before considering jumping in.

Happy Trading...

Forgot to show where PS is located in my opinion.

Komen: Some of you may want to short it on the way down
Komen: Heiken-ashi in 4h indicating a reversal to the downside. Which see:

Komen: 8h indicating reversal to the downside:
Komen: 12h candle indicating weakness and possible reversal to the downside:

Komen: NOW, is your best chance to sell if you haven't done so already.

Komen: Decred 8h Heikin=Ashi still confirming more downside at the moment:
Thanks alot its been helpful to me
@tipua411, Thanks Tipua! As are your charts for me... Cheers !!!
Might not come ST this time because of the roadmap release today. Why should it fall 50% back down if the roadmap is impressive?
cicconi Sharkwinn
@Sharkwinn, sell on news
@cicconi, I can agree with that to a degree; but I would rather say, "be prepared" to sell at a good price based on fundamentals.

Apologies for the delay responding. I just woke up after sleeping for 12 hours. I needed the sleep BAD. hehe
ProwdClown Sharkwinn
@Sharkwinn, I can see your point. Who knows how high it can go? Hard to say... I sure as hell don't know. One could get in if they want to with a stop loss. There choice. Keeps losses small and gains large WHILE FOCUSING ON SEEING the VALUE of the TRADE and NOT FOCUSING on a PRE-CONCEIVED Value of a coin.

CAPS for EMPHASIS; NOT shouting.
Sharkwinn ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, Thanks for your comment, yeas fundamentals are true
ProwdClown Sharkwinn
@Sharkwinn, You're welcome...
ProwdClown Sharkwinn
@Sharkwinn, Don't be pissed at me now, IF it takes another leg up from here. hehe

I personally believe it will go down for another test. However, I have been wrong before.
Sharkwinn ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, I'm a winner anyway, if down I buy more if up then I already have some :)
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