Dow Jones Probably Still In Minute Wave iii°

TVC:DJI   Indeks Purata Industri Dow Jones
The Dow Jones went up the green trend channel without any sizable retracement. This fits to the character of a third wave. We currently suspect that wave iii° is near its terminal point. Our short term forecast is depicted in the very first chart below.
We expect the entire correction to be between the 23.6% and 38.2% fibonacci levels of wave iii°. This means a 2%-3% drop before the uptrend is resumed. For the moment we let the market do its work and let wave action play out.
Komen: We expect the Dow Jones Industrials to extend further to the upside before minute wave iii° is completed. Analogous to the S&P 500, we conclude that it was a leading diagonal, which traced out in early December 2017. Hence we are inside a third wave of subminuette degree to the upside right now.
The Dow traced out a similar structure as the S&P 500 lately. All price action took place within the narrow and steep light green trend channel in our first chart below.

The index has not shown any significant corrective action inside the green price path lately. We therefore conclude that minute wave iv° has not been seen yet.

The short term direction remains up.

Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: time to sniff for topping patterns... stay tuned and follow us for the newest updates!
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