Traders normally loose wating to close the big Gaps

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Carefull taders wh expect bearish below the big gap. Gaps make support, and not allways clsoe completely, sometimes half and done. Sometimes they never close.... and people loose all they got because start sell on rise wich never ends...

my recommendation with gaps, better wait, hedge and wait for the next day close, this way u stay protected. If u dont like hedge, then afford losses and wait untill day close, or confirmation of trend below gap or above.

Komen: you can see for example GOLD gap up at 1060.28 ... that GAP still not close ... and a year wating :D carefull
Komen: you can check GJ cmp, it broke up, closed lower and now that gap is resistance
Komen: try sell now gj 138.8 sl at top u will see price drop or tend be more bearish

Komen: does it care if gap up or gap down?

yes, gap up tend to be bullish
gap down bearish
Komen: check EURUSD, at 1.12005 week chart, it closed 2 gaps one aftr the other, and broke down crash mode from there.
Komen: now eu on week chart is leaving some nice gaps open to test support and up, and will tend to test 1.1134 retest those gaps of 1.12005 and break down for some month
Komen: gaps on my theory get retested, once at least, so the retest i expect on eu up there on week chart, nothing else in between left open like to hold it down

check eu expect support some day 1.06689 - 1.07353 - 1.08018 test and up again test and up again, u can use this as guidance. If u want my indi i created for that, i will sell on mql5, later this year.
Komen: GBPJPY after a while is back to the gapretest, and later will break lower, because gap down

Komen: check gj m5, left gap open here

Komen: you allready have some pips there

Komen: so you know now that apply to all gap independant the size of it.

hope u have better trading using this knowledge i share to you

Komen: look how strong this can affect to a price, we are now back insidee te gap area, i expect will rebak lower, lets see

Komen: check eurusd sell now 1.09008

Komen: GJ will go 139.413 h1 gap
Komen: big h1 gaps at h1 GBPJPY at 140 big sell from there to close the week gap down
Komen: eu allready in green pips
Komen: this is how u trade gaps, check the Risk Reward SL minimum :D

i love it.

Komen: GJ GAPS analysis of yesterday, check higher, look now we are back to gaps wich where doing support after close up,, but now we are back, and might drop if break below the gap.

Komen: this the best LESSON of this year
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