FX:EURUSD   Fx Euro/Dolar U.S.
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RSI 7, 14, 50 MA Ribbon

In chart, representing RSI 7 (fast) RSI 14 Normal default and RSI 50 (slow) as a single indicator. With each RSI there is a set of Moving Averages creating a ribbon.

Colors for RSI Ribbon

It uses only four standard colors
  • Maroon : Trend is down

  • Green : Trend reversal warning

  • Lime : Trend is up

  • Red: Trend reversal warning

    It is important to look for divergences through multiple time frames MTF. When you are working with a shorter time frame and longer time does not agree. Your odds of scoring a positive trades are reduced. Higher chance of making the correct call with two agreeing RSI MTF divergences.

    Here is an overview of a 1 day chart for EURUSD using RSI MA Ribbon.

    Chart without RSI plotted, only ribbons.

    EURUSD weekly chart depicting several RSI Ribbon divergences.

    EURUSD weekly chart with RSI Ribbon EMAs selected.