IOTUSD Elliott wave 1-2-3-4-5 done waiting for correction. And after will go fifth wave in global Elliott wave
Komen: trading is not a sprint, it's a marathon. long-term investment is more stable. what I do, I do not encourage selling or buying, I just show technical analysis as I see it. The basic postulate of trading is the wave market movement + the psychology of the crowd. The majority of investors in iota are long-term investors and they are all the things that happen on the hourly chart. they are ready to keep their coins for years. and each correction is the opportunity to purchase at a price cheaper.
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EXCAVO mengenai IOTUSD 121
EXCAVO mengenai IOTUSD 32
Shoulder head shoulder, large reversal signal going to 2.5 or 3.2
casstete EduardoCantelli
@EduardoCantelli, good call , now a downward channel

I want people to read this to grasp where Crypto is going and not to wast too much on 1st generation & second (smart contracts ) because the future is NON mining ledger based coins

I MISSED this article
""" Omkar Naik - Enterprise sales at Microsoft leading Blockchain said:
We are excited to partner with IOTA foundation and proud to be associated with its new data marketplace initiative. This next generation technology will accelerate the connected, intelligent world and go beyond blockchain that will foster innovation real world solutions, applications and pilots for our customers ""

F#$% missed this article looking at stupid charts ; )
+2 Balas
TheScript casstete
@casstete, IOTA was the sleeping Giant... This shows you/us how important TA is
casstete TheScript
@TheScript, or its the evolution of crypto & what was written here last week was a CLEAR giveaway I missed like a donkey ; )

and tell Ripple the sleeping princess to get a move on ; )
Bitva casstete
@casstete, Not sure how you didnt know about IOTA for months, you didnt need that article or TA to see it was a sleeping giant. Tangle was always a feeless transaction that offers many benefits. The only problem is there are many questions that haven't been answered. It looks like to that Microsoft just jumped into this partnership literally on a hunch that they will do good. Hopefully IOTA will be decentralized soon, right now its running off a coordinator. Also hopefully they can answer questions like how are DAG sidechains able to be merged again so that DAG does not become a tree and there is no excessive branching?
Another question I have is why did it explode around December 4th when the Microsoft news was known for almost a month prior? seems ODD.
@Bitva, good points , 1. I missed it because I dont pay much attention to news

But I was mentioning that tech wise there is a new generation of coins coming .

Why IOTA exploded now , probably because TA dropped it to right buy level and then off you go , and be sure if Bill Gates is involved the worlds IllumiNazi is part of this rally
Bitva casstete
@casstete, Since I sold a day before the huge jump I an envious and I've been digging up alot of bad things about IOTA. Before I held IOTA since .40-.50 Cents I never looked into the bad things, only the good because I wanted it to go up. Now that I missed it, I am fully invested in ADA. ADA has ALOT of benefits and innovation. It's still blockchain but I encourage you to look into it.
BTW , Bitfinex opened a "at market" position which I saw on monitor as executed .

Then blocked screen & on refresh it was not there & removed from my order book at about 3.60 ...

6.40 next
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