NEOUSD mid/long term long

NEO is potentially a must have in anyone's portfolio in the days to come.

It has a lot of jokers.
** Catalysts : Among them, being china's first, having a "china's eth" vibe, and hype about all those who missed ETH's bull run earlier this year, and having a charismatic leader are enough to attract new wide-audience money from all over. News to be announced soon

** Technicals : it really has a huge potential, with a lead dev with a good reputation, uses widespread programming language and a pretty serious community

** TA : while already "big" in marketcap (almost 2b at time of writing), it is actually not that big. Btc being not much above 100b leaves a lot of room to grow, especially when you consider ETH almost had the same marketcap as btc few months ago. x5 returns are not out of question in the next 6 months. Overall, current consolidation looks like a huge accumulation phase after the serious bull run of this summer. Smart money loading up before the next reveals.

Minimum bullish projection is 78$ if confirmation

Overall, I entered back both as an investor and trader at 24 and 29$
- short term trader :
entry below 33.5$ (sl 25$) or at breakout 37.5$ (sl 32$) // TP at 36, 45, 53$ (10days max)
- mid term swing : TP at 53$, 78$, 124$ (70days max)
- long term investor : probably never

note :
TP = take profit part of the volume
sl = stop loss
Komen: Zoom in
Resistance getting broken maybe. Watch for potential signs of reversal at lower (15min) timeframe. This will give an indication of the strength of the overall move upward if it can hold

Komen: Took some profit at 37$ of my trading stack bought at 29$, but holding for the real moves. Resistance still not broken

overall, volume slightly increasing, prices slightly increasing, lows getting higher. Swingers and investors, rejoice


Well, now we know why the accumulation
Komen: Potential target for today : 45$ and 0.0057 btc. More fomo to come probably

Traders : temporary buy target to re enter the rally around 34$ (beware of reversals at 37$)
Swingers : you can start to take some profit if you'd like, +40 - 45% profit, still counting
Investors : you can start counting cash
Komen: Traders : As expected, dead cat bounce reversal just below 37$ for those nice 5% predictable gains. after stoping at the red line. Now either it gets picked up in a triangle (wait for breakout upward, or aggressively get in at the 37's$ with tight stop loss for more risk more reward), or ABC corrects to the blue box. It all comes down to NEOBTC. Don't get greedy, profit is everywhere

Swingers : if you took the advise, you took some (big) profits and let the rest run. If you are also investor, you can split gains between NEO, fiat and BTC in combination of your like. You can also look for Trader's buy levels to re-entry if you are looking for more blood. But beware of greed, time your entries. Better pass some profit, than risk your shirt

Investors : price is holding well the resistance, and huge consolidation period marks the basis for a solid growth. All is going well for now. Announcement might be big (fundamentals change), be on the lookout, but more chance of it being good news.
The countdown tactics of the NEO council are tacky and dislikable, but some would say a necessary evil in crypto far-west for good market penetration (see XRP). Still, nothing like a well rounded conference like Japan's

on NEOBTC front, see the picture
If it holds the line, we will see more upside to the next resistance (up to 83k before a rest probably)
Right now, consolidating at the 100 EMA to what could very well be a huge bear trap. If it falls, it means BTC is mooning in bubble territory (unlikely for now) and neo will resume downtrend. Very tricky to trade NEOBTC right now because of the BTC/BCH war.
Komen: Traders :
we enter the new TP zone after the re-enter

Komen: Starts to get exhausted on lower timeframe, still a lot of steam on higher timeframes
Retracement coming soon for fellow traders, sharpen your claws.
Swingers you can keep holding, at worse you'll have the dead cat bounce to protect gains

Komen: As expected...Traders Soldiers, get ready to reload...

Komen: Congratz to the traders that followed for those easy 5% more !

I think we will retrace now further down, until the next up. Swingers can look to add to their positions soon. Traders can do the higher timeframe dead cat bounce if the drop is too harsh. Retracement levels are on previous chart

Komen: As expected, more down came into play. It successfully bounced off the retracements on the previous chart, as announced, for the brave traders, then on the 61 fib retracement, which is the usual retracement for a first wave. I expect some degree of consolidation here, with one or two bounces around the 37 levels, and an unlikely down to 34 level (but possible).

Swingers and investors, this is the time for accumulation for the next, and real serious wave (might take some days). Traders, wait for the resistance hold confirmation

Komen: Retracement to 34$ happened, which is last buy opportunity :) 100% retracement are very rare and bearish. Rejection of the 78 fib retracement and consolidation is still normal for a wave 2, swings and investors have nothing to worry about.

Next impulse minimal target : 50-53$, estimation : some days. Will depend on BTC's next move

Komen: "Nov 18
Comment: Potential target for today : 45$ and 0.0057 btc. More fomo to come probably

Traders : temporary buy target to re enter the rally around 34$ (beware of reversals at 37$)
Swingers : you can start to take some profit if you'd like, +40 - 45% profit, still counting "

Everything according to plan. Fibs don't lie :

Komen: Amazing trade opportunity with amazing risk/reward ratio. We are double bottoming at 0.78 fib. If it holds, it confirms we just finished wave 2 of wave 3 of 3. It can still go down back to 100% retracement, which would lower the upper target, but 0.61fib and 0.78 fib are normal

Traders : re-enter now, sl at 32.5$ TP at 45$, 53$
Swingers : re-enter now, sl at 32.5$ for the newly added stack, keep the old one from first signals TP at 53$, 78$
Investors : :)

Komen: Rebounded exactly on time as expected

Scalpers can TP with 5% to find other opportunities that are pumping, as we might see some consolidation around this price for some days before the next run to 51-53$.

Komen: +15% since my buy signal, traders can start to take profit or move stop loss, depending on other opportunities

Komen: Accumulation, vol2, above newly found resistance-now-support
Dips possible, traders beware with BTC nearing 10k.

Komen: Investor view :
General cycle wave 2, with targets around the 300-500$ depending on accumulation (yes, same as eth)

Komen: Currently rebounding on the MA100, after going away from it as a "wake up call". This is the moment where NEO will tell us if it can survive the crypto-crash or not. I expect that it will, but what hurts us is what we think we know, not the things we don't know.

Traders and swingers got their stop loss activated anyway. You can either wait for the storm to finish the final E wave, or re-enter now with an another low risk high reward trade (same, but with lower entry, and lower target). This is why you always take some profit home when you hit high numbers. There is always new opportunities

Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Since first signals :

Trading stack : +27% +55% +35% +5% +15%
Swing stack : Target 1 reached again (55% + 35%, second one is a bonus)
Target 2 lowered from 53 to 51$
Not too bad

Will not trade it for now (other opportunities), but I keep the investor and part of the swing stack rolling
Komen: Nevermind, too golden. Re-entered now at just below 32$ with tight stop loss
Komen: VS BTC

Buy opportunity with tight stop loss. Next support is far, upside potential is high. Seeing btc's current price, it means we can expect a rally vs USD
Komen: VS BTC


Congratulations on those who followed. Already +35% in both pairs in 15h, and still going

Short term target reached, trading stack moving on. Next opportunity is already here
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: After the trade stack earlier, swing target1 reached, 53$, right in time. Either sleep on the remaining swing stack and investor stack, or look to re-enter lower

Lack of catalyst might make NEO pullback before the next run up
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Congratulations on those who bought back lower, I didn't (money tied up to a much more juicy trade, shared only with my clients)
after 53$ it went down to 40$ as expected, and now it hit exactly the target box at 78$
Komen: MAKE or BREAK for NEO.
I expect it to breakout upward but if you don't like the coin, or risk, or longterm investments, now is a good time to get out
Komen: For now, looks like a "BREAK" and not a "MAKE"

Komen: And this is why you never panic sell, and trade/invest in projects you are capable of holding a long time if necessary
Breakout upward. The whole btc chart is looking like a massive wave 2 bullflag, this could get huuuuuuuge

Komen: Currently x5 vs USD
x5 vs btc at re-entry after already taking lot of profits

What a crazy run. Take some profits from trade stack. Longterm trend still very good
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: All swing and trade stacks all closed @0.0120 btc and 170$ respectively

Waiting for a retrace

Investor stack not touched, 2018 is NEO's year
Komen: Rebought all to sell at Binance @136 (arbitrage)
Komen: Another arbitrage opportunity : 0.0135 at bittrex, 0.0142 at binance. Another free 5%
Komen: Sorry, I did not update my re-entry. Our sell orders were at 170$ and not too far from the top (even if our target on the chart was over 180$, btc was showing weakness), and the arbitrage opportunities gave us a mean sell value of 0.0137 btc !

We re-entered with the same position few minutes after we bought back XRP at 0.87$, so around 110-115$ if we take into account conversion rates, trade/withdrawal fees, and the very fast rebound of NEO. Not a stronger position despite the lower price, since we are still in a bear market, and we did trade the rebound with XRP. Extra cash went into the fiat trade account

Now, neo btc party seems over for now, so you are free to sell if you didn't already, but we should lookout. If a bull continuation happens, it will be now or after a much bigger retrace. We are at "make or break" point

Great job!
Nidalas CryptoSparks
@CryptoSparks, Thank you !
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