Gann Fan for SCTY post Tesla bid (bullish)

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This is assuming the aftermarket hours price of about $24. Let me know your thoughts!!
i think it would take many days of SCTY adding at least 2% growth per day before they reach 35/ share. so short answer, i highly doubt it my friend. what do you think? i'd be interested in hearing an alternative perspective. best
Adrianrconant matt.sulli42
Now that the ER date is getting closer, the opinions are more divided. So, I think it will continue moving in parabolic. One week before ER there will be a huge sell because of the risk of hold this share. If happens, it might be good to buy in that 19 level dip. Regards. :)
matt.sulli42 Adrianrconant
hey man thanks for sharing!
Thank you for sharing. So, in case of B/O, is there any chance that price/share goes above 35 or 40 in short term??
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