Which one is the right channel? Red or Yellow?

TVC:SILVER   CFD untuk Perak (US$ / Auns)
How do we determinate which one is the correct channel?
Is it the red or the yellow one?

If the correct one is yellow, then the channel has been broken, a signal that we should start considering a short position, meanwhile if the right one is the red one, we could conclude that we are still going up at a steady pace and we would go long.

Trying to learn! Please comment below with your opinion!
I started silverstocker to help with stuff like this and other questions relating to silver.
See "watching a trendline"
I invite you to join
It's free, and brand new so I have extra time to help you or anyone else.
It's a little late but, the answer to your question was there when you asked it.
janfry EdTheLorax
Is "silverstocker" a chat ? I can't seem to find it?

Could you also provide a short answer to my question here on this page so that other people arriving here could benefit from it?

Thanks a lot!

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