SNTBTC on huge potential, possible 700% return

BITTREX:SNTBTC   Status Network Token / Bitcoin
BITTREX:SNTBTC             is on bottom and shows excellent strength.

Triangle breakout is the first sign.

MACD & RSI shows good strength.

We would be trading a Triangle upside breakout pattern. 7x trade opportunity.

Buy at 475-525,

Targets are

T1 : 700
T2 : 1000
T3 : 1300
T4 : 1700
T5 : 2000
T6 : 2300
T7 : 3100 (All time high) and much more.

Stop loss :

Sl is based on your risk appetite. I would suggest below 400.

I will post another larger pic chart to support the idea.
Perdagangan aktif:  
Komen: Please note :

Whenever there is heavy resistance, book profits and buy back at lower levels.

All the green lines are SR (Support and Resistance) lines. Price will react at these lines.

RSI can show the strength, when it breaks the trend, time to book profits and buy back. If any questions, feel free to ask.
Komen: Please note :

Bought at 400, sold around 600. Bought back at 503 and holding for a target of 700.
Komen: Just for your idea.
Komen: Flying.
Komen: Very good strength. We are in profit of 50% (400 --> 600)

Now the price is close to 600,

Long-term investors hold for more.

Low risk traders please close the trade.
Komen: wow, 1000. Doubled in a day.
Komen: MA20 is close to price. Get ready for rally.
Komen: T1 : 700 - Achieved
T2 : 1000 - Achieved.
T3 : 1300 - Next
T4 : 1700
T5 : 2000
T6 : 2300
T7 : 3100 (All time high) and much more.
Komen: Break and sustain above 1000, 1300. Price is pushing for it.
Komen: Consolidation day :)
Komen: zooooom, moving on . Next target 1300
Komen: 400 --> 1100, is it close to 3x in 2 days? Good call? Thanks for the appreciation.
Komen: T2 : 1000 - Achieved.
T3 : 1300 - Achieved (1265)
T4 : 1700 - Next ( It will take time )
T5 : 2000
T6 : 2300
T7 : 3100 (All time high) and much more.

In case if you want to sell, yes. Buy back at 1000 or Buy after 1200 breakout.
Komen: 500 --> 1200, More than 100 return in 2 days.
Komen: Consolidation between 1070 -1150

One can buy here.
Komen: Trade this breakout


I am expecting upside towards next target.
Komen: Very well on the support. Buy now with stop loss below 950
Komen: BTC pressure which pushed all the alt coins down and broke the stop loss.

I hope everyone holding the coin as per my status. SNT should go up at any time soon. Just relax and hold
Komen: heading to moon.
Komen: T1 : 700 - Achieved
T2 : 1000 - Achieved.
T3 : 1300 - Achieved.
T4 : 1700 - Achieved.
T5 : 2000 - Achieved.
T6 : 2300
T7 : 3100 (All time high) and much more.
Komen: 3x in 15 days.

Notice most of the coins takes 15 days - 30 days to give 3x.

all you have to do is Buy and wait for 30 days.
Komen: T1 : 700 - *Target Achieved*
T2 : 1000 - *Target Achieved*
T3 : 1300 - *Target Achieved*
T4 : 1700 - *Target Achieved*
T5 : 2000 - *Target Achieved*
T6 : 2300 - *Target Achieved*
T7 : 3100 (All time high) and much more. - Next Target.

Hello Everyone, Did you made 4x in 18 days? Is your portfolio multiplied by 4 in 18 days?

All you have to do is Buy, Relax and sell on target.

We are going to touch 3100 soon, means close 700% in a month.
Komen: Congratulations Everyone. You have earned almost 700% (500 pts short) n a month.

Book 50-60% profits and leave the rest.
Komen: More than 700 %.
Komen: Hope you reaped your profits.

SNT is in buy range again, it had a huge growth, now in consolidation time. We got the range, but range yet to break out. I am going to buy now and hold to 4500 again.


If you are in hurry, watch the range breakout and buy.
Komen: On support, not really worth to sell, but worth to buy.

Channel :

For Paid membership: Please reach out : Thanks for your support.

bought some sell around 4400
Thoughts for the next few days on this one?
Please , is it going to fly over 4000 ?
Nice call bro!!!!
Thanks @maheswar81 !! Do you think we are going to reach the next targets too?
maheswar81 PRO raymonneke
@raymonneke, Eventually it will hit. Patience is the key my friend.
+1 Balas
This one is just amazing! Thanks for sharing your ideas @maheswar81 - much appreciated
@pietjep, thank you and welcome.

Couldn't get in in time but amazing work @maheswar81
@shaunmah, will get another opportunity, no worries.
Thanks for the appreciation and support.
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