SPX500: Pattern Comparison

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This is a follow up on my previous post regarding the possible pattern dynamics and why I think the new area of action is going to be lower to the right. I used SPY for a more cash-related behavior.
Komen: Channels become ranges and vice versa, but the tendency is to smooth the curve and to keep the density of action without huge black holes. Philosophical.
the 1st phase of the bridge-head has been completed, the bulls now will have to bring in the main forces, that is if they can
but the cats could see other cats in the darkness, and knew where the food was hiding, and their eyes were mean and shining with a weird light
FoggyLights FoggyLights
smile :)
A bridgehead (or bridge-head) is the strategically important area of ground around the end of a bridge or other place of possible crossing over a body of water which at time of conflict is sought to be defended/taken over by the belligerent forces.
This pattern dynamics analysis also supports my reason why I went SPY short and Counter-Trend from 240 today. The risk is thought through, not taken lightly.
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