HempCoin (THC) 2X Hard Fork Feb 23 (MEDIUM RISK)

HempCoin has good potential to grow. Hard Fork will give a good short term profit potential.

Chart as always is self explanatory.

Members will receive updates on this trade.

Do not invest what you can't afford to lose. We are not your financial investors.
Feb 16
Dagangan aktif
Feb 17
Komen: Bitcoin on a rally, just wait it out
Feb 18
Komen: We are touching demand zone
Feb 18
Komen: We have RSI at 40% - indicating movement up within 24-72 hours because MACD still shows downtrend to come

Feb 18
Komen: Keeper coin
Feb 20
Komen: 1669 is your safety stop loss - risk minimizing
Feb 23
Feb 23
Dagangan ditutup: hentian tercapai: Hard Fork has been delayed - we are out of this coin and will not be returning back until developer team reconfirms our original beliefs in this coin. No more updates on this chart - if you're in ETC - XVG might be a better alternative to recover.
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According to THC staff after the fork coin will become anonymous with dash Dash protocol code... fr me it just switched from short term to long term
CryptoManiac101 AnimusTheGreat
@AnimusTheGreat, At this point long term would be best option if you still want to stay with this coin
Thanks for that. In your opinion, what explains the strong drop of today knowing the fork is happening in a few days?
@bigmsile184, 4-5 Days
AnimusTheGreat bigmsile184
+1 Balas
There are only 6 days till the hard-fork. Do you think this chart still valid after the hardfork sir ?
@KhangLef1, I am not only looking at short term potential here
@KhangLef1, no it wont but targets by @cryptomaniac101 are quite on point
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