ALTS Chart doesn't look good. Expecting 50%+ decline

Altcoins continue to suffer!

Why did Apple recover and boom? iTunes was launched back in the days, listening to music on the internet? WTF! Something innovative and inconceivable at that time!

As long as ALTS don't deliver real world products, and that probably doesn't happen for most of the companies, ALTS will just die out. Utility Tokens are not the real deal, because you just have a coin you can use in their network and in 99.9% the networks are not used... Why should Band Protocol, Matic, etc. or LTC pump? Not even the LTC network is being used.

I know, you may read between the lines and think: "hey, everyone is in disbelief, I have to buy", but really, what do most of the ALTS offer? Nothing!
One day, there may be this one altcoin delivering something crazy innovative of which we can not even think off

The chart doesn't look good at all. We already lost uptrend support and there is a massive Head & Shoulder being built. This would mean the market cap loses more than 50% of it's value to appx. 31 Billions in total2 /alts marketcap.

Happy Trading!

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