FX:USDJPY   Dolar U.S/ Yen Jepun
93.3% bearish , considering multi timeframe price action factors

Estimated price fluctuation at time of report (+1Hr) 0.17%
Volume Put/Call ratio 0.90
OI Put/Call ratio 0.85
Average Put/Call Ratio 0.88

Next webirar (London time): 24/08/16 10:00

How to use levels - 1. Wait till the level is reached, 2. Reversal pattern, 3. Confirmation , 4. Entry, 5. Target (intraday) is a last level on the direction mentioned with arrows.

Currently there are no clear patterns on a chart (it doesn't mean that there are no level limit entries and places for stop entries)

We also have to review the range of the closed period comparing to the previous set of periods, hours, weeks, months, etc... Here, I'm showing you a range compared to 6 and 3 previous periods, NR means Narrow range, WR means wide range, the number displays a total periods reviewed, if the NR is displayed, high possibility of the range expansion, in WR case it can be opposite. at the moment here's the situation:
1H NR4; 4H WR4; 4H WR7; 1D NR4; 1D NR7;
Learning material:
How to count option levels:

Also I have decided to share a Levels, that take time to count, and you can use them as a bounce levels in a direction you trade:
Option level R4 100.819
Option level R3 100.819
Option level R2 100.819
Option level R1 100.354
Option level S1 100.077
Option level S2 100.077
Option level S3 99.559
Option level S4 99.559

Session (current session only) levels:
r3 100.583
r2 100.472
r1 100.362
p 100.227
s1 100.117
s2 99.982
s3 99.872

I really hope that sharing of my routine with you, will help you in your trading.

Also I really hope that in respect to my hard work, you will take time to use the data I share, you will put the levels on a chart, and will apply it to your trading.

Arturs Jermolickis
A short - government required disclaimer:
I’m not providing any advice, and I do not guarantee any profit. What you see here is only a share of my view of the market.
how about usdjpy go up or down side level........
i have followed your idea
I have put down trade usdjpy lose $735 and eurusd up trade $469 can you suggest me what i do
usdjpy go long trend ...
Marenno vicky13
Trading the system, not the ego :)
vicky13 Marenno
okey sir thanks
Marenno vicky13
no worries, just remember it!
vicky13 Marenno
okey can i ask your good name
Marenno vicky13
Arthur (Arturs Jermolickis)
vicky13 Marenno
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