Westwater Resources: Buy and hold

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Entered into first position of this stock today. It has historically shown some wild moves. Extremely oversold on monthly charts.
Komen: Bought more at backtest of breakout
Komen: Yes, we might have a final 5 (5).

Scaling in more at lower levels.. As idea suggests.. Long term holding.
Komen: In that case, there is little doubt that this asset has had 5 complete on both A and C wave and we are having a historic bottom.
Komen: And now.. Buying again. Downtrend complete as five clear waves are complete in the fifth.
Komen: Average cost of position is now 0.82. Holding 4800 shares. Scaling in gradually is key...
Komen: Quite difficult to Count this last 5th wave. Should either be completed or very near completion.
Komen: More likely:

Accumulation and making everyone max bearish. Accumulate :)
Oversold.. ALWAYS lead to overbought :)
Ouch...this just gets worse and worse. Next will be a delisting.

Looked something up that I thought was interesting..Going back 2 years they have gone from 5 million shares outstanding to 28 million. The 5 million was after a reverse 10/1 split so there used to be 50 million. That goes back to beginning of 2013 when there was 20million. So effectively in 5 years they've gone from 20 million to 280 million shares outstanding factoring in the split.

Management is just sucking off the profits thru massive dillution
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Viking83 TexasTower85
@TexasTower85, It won't get delisted just like that. They will just make a reverse split to increase above the minimum req of 1 in case they need it to be compliant. Just the matter of time before this turns.
Interesting the calculation of the number of shares outstanding though.
Viking83 Viking83
@Viking83, It is a Company With no Revenue stream, so it is a pure gamble on high commodity prices. And I am quite certain commodities will sore in the coming years.
Viking83 TexasTower85
@TexasTower85, Interesting comparison:
You may be right....They bled me out at $.58 and I just deleted it off my Watchlist.

Time is right for it to pop lol
Viking83 TexasTower85
@TexasTower85, It sure puts a test on People. That is why it is a long-term trading plan on this. In the future I will be better on the exact timing when I have studied the mathematics of overlaid cycles in rythmical motion. But eliminating emotions, hereunder impatience is a trait we all need to work on. You dont want to run after this chasing. Never Chase price :)
What is the attraction to this company? to say it is in a downtrend is a bit too obvious
I am holding 20,000 in 2 different accounts..avg is ~0.68

Lets run!!
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Viking83 TexasTower85
@TexasTower85, good average!
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