SHORT Bitcoin - A Prophecy of the Future (Round III)

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Brace yourselves. $4,000 is coming.

What you think can happen and what is actually happening are two entirely different things.

This thread is only a repost of the original because time.

That being said, I no longer have any confidence whatsoever in crypto. In fact, I'm pretty sure the VC/Banking sectors have been establishing ways to do everything crypto does but with fiat money.

So, really, it's only gamblers and the delusional who spend all their time on the Internet that think this is going to be the "new global currency".

Embrace-Extend-Extinguish called.

You're being extinguished.
Komen: Terrifying things can happen at any time in this space, now.

It is the same as a world whose core has entered supernova, but you're sitting on the edges and the light from the bomb is only starting to now come before your eyes.

Caveat emptor in digital currency. Fortune no longer favours the bold.
Komen: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are digital iron pyrite.

What comes next will be ruthless.
Komen: All that remains now is for #4.
Komen: "LMFAO you'll never see $3,500 BTC again, you fucking faggot." -Crypto Community, 2017
Please update, your perspective is much appreciated. Best regards :)
You called the 3k very nice, what do you think now that it has rallied back up to 6k? thanks
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can you update this please? nice call btw
kayaman degentrader1111
i think there is nothing to update...
keep it simple, if you are short from 6000 or more start to take some profit on deep
if you are not short from 6000 or more and you have not been confident in this bear market, in this phase you have great chances to get rekt
so remember that trend is your friend...longs are very risky now
ecc ecc
follow the rules
Legend. I remember your forecasts from last year, you've been sorely missed here. Congratulations on the excellent call.
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The best forecast in this space. Following you since last year, you were right all the times.
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What happens after 4?
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@ali7861, Now? Annihilation.

Back in the beginning, there was chances to survive.

Everyone made their choices.
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Optimistic scenario
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kenj1 Jolgan
@Jolgan, no, hopium and TA don't mix
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