So, its now or never 4 xrpee imo.

All the bad stuff that couldve happened 2 xrpee, has maxed out imo .
Were seeing constant butchering of sat value.
The only way xrpiss is maintaining its value is thanks to the rise of bitcoin , thats elevating the $ value of this asset(liability),

So My call is - Long now, its now or never for Schwarz.

My Average entry is higher than the market price.

Gluk 2 us all and may the fsm take care of us.
I agree with you, however its still going down.
+1 Balas
MegaFish System791
@System791, Truth, its going down and might still go, Im expecting it to rise a bit back in the next 2-3 days maybe a 300-400 sat muv, that might trigger a bigger muv, it seems bottomed, but who tf really knows, prolly no1.

The logic behind these dumps is obvious according 2 my knowledge, the FUD was extreme in any measurement vs. xrpee, and I agree 2 the FUD, bot army was false, trading volume was washed and false, banksters arent showing any real world interest, and more, but, the coin is a 40-50-60 and higher coin imo fair mark price, the new iissue is the depreciation of its sat value, which wasnt a problem in the past, that does make one think....

But again.
Who the fk knows.


tHANKS a lot 4 the comment :D

Gr8 day, and may the Schwarzes get this toilet back up. :)

+1 Balas
System791 MegaFish
@MegaFish, No problem, thx for the chart.
From a TA point of view, it has to rebound at some point.
There are some bullish signals, just a matter of when will it pop or see you at next support.
+1 Balas
MegaFish System791
@System791, Yeah :D About the bullish signals tho, I donno :)
, I dont blv any signals here anymore, its so manipulated, especially this instrument, on this exchange, with this amount of rage shorters, lel, that usually gets the market 2 trend after.
Im just trying 2 manage the risk and the exposure from my side as much as possible, I dont like predictions, I blv predicting is for magicians, Im bz at getting this sorted b4 the 73 day Expiration Friday arrives :D

Thx bro !
System791 MegaFish
@MegaFish, True, bitmex is brutal and not for the faint hearted and is manipulated.

This is what im seeing at the moment a downward wedge (bullish) - candles brushing in between the top line and
getting pushed up with a lower bollinger band. A bullish divergance with rsi. Expecting a little breakout hopefully today.

Anyway thanks for the chat!
+1 Balas
MegaFish System791
@System791, i LIKE what u c.


System791 MegaFish
@MegaFish, Finally!!!!! we knew it would happen, but not before doing our heads in lol
I was expecting it to be a bit more aggressive on the way up, but cant complain.
+1 Balas
MegaFish System791
@System791, :D Banksters might jus save the day after all innit.

I still c another 500-700 sat pump minimum from here, which will put us in strong optional-fomo mode imo.

And finally I blv that pre settlement regarding this specific instrument, it will 7500-7800 and a lot more if real fomo returns.

Now we let the mekket work.

May the Schwarz b with us as we slowly exit this annoying position. :D
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