XVG 2H 40% Ahort Term 100% - 300% Long Term Trade Update

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Please see my previous post for targets on this trade. Several pieces of news have surfaced since I posted this idea. There are links to those on my previous post.

Updated entry point between the support line at .00001025 and .00001300. This is a good buy in spot. Lets see how this news shakes out. If the wraith protocol does work even in a delayed manner from its promised date, this coin will gain massive traction.

Looks more like a sloppy Elliot wave in a descending channel with still a bullish trend for a breakout.
Komen: Looks like we are headed for the 1025 area test. If the support holds then look for a bounce up as this chart moves Toward the 5th point. This will remain the buy zone from 1025 to 1300
Komen: Lets see were the bottom lands. I think the market is responding to the issues with the wraith protocol but I think tis coin will bounce back. My understanding is that it is going to work and be remedied very soon. The other issue is the small surge in BTC. Worst case it gives us additional lower entry points to make even bigger gains. Patience!!!!
BTC messed this up. Wraith is still a go, nothing is perfect. Hold and buy now.
vthokiee97 PRO BankofEngland
@BankofEngland, I agree. This coin will fly!!
Hello, thank you for this report, I have several questions, what will happen if the coin goes lower than 00001025? what do you advise?and what do you think about article “not obfuscate ledgers” and what does it mean excatly? May these news get afraid the investors? Could this be the tragic end for the coin? Thanks
+1 Balas
vthokiee97 PRO liliadelson
@liliadelson, from what I can tell based on my research the coding is going to work it’s just delays and not completely making the transactions “anonymous “ on all of the Blockchains. I’m not a techno guru but several sources have confirmed it will work in a short time. I think this coin has tremendous upside and it’s in the privacy sector which is becoming very important in the crypto sector. This coin has a solid team, they just need a little more organization. So yes it’s a good coin and this new low only gives us additional profit. I will update a chart soon. But follow my previous targets. Thanks so much.
liliadelson vthokiee97
looks like 30 minutes to an hour
vthokiee97 PRO CubanMiner
@CubanMiner, I think it’s likely in the next hour it may actually break out for some upward movement. The MacD is starting to reverse and head up but the RSI is still pretty flat
How long until it tests support, a few hours?
@BenFromTX, based on what I’m seeing on the chart it could be in the next 4 to 6 hours. Depending on if buying support starts coming in soon it may not actually test the support at 1025 before breaking out on the uptrend
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