Big buy opportunity for ZCASH. High risk/reward ratio

BITFINEX:ZECUSD   Zcash / Dollar
Big buy opportunity for zcash. It's breaking out his trendline!
Komen: Potential target level is 305, But watch it closely, it's possible to go up to 440 on long term.
Komen: We doing good bought it on 251, already up to 262. I expect to see 300 dollar within a day.
Perdagangan aktif: Be careful atm! It's forming a head- & shoulder pattern. It can go ether way. Lets hope it doesn't break beyond the neckline of the head-shoulder.
Order dibatalkan: We sold our ZCASH.

There are two reasons:
- Bitcoin does have a big resistance at 4400.
- There is head-shoulder pattern at ZCASH.

We sold at 259. We gonna look for a new entry point and publish a new idea when we find it.
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We opened a trade at 255
MiljanMarkovic CryptoPredictions
@CryptoPredictions, It looks stuck at 255-258 zone, u think its going up now that bitcoin is over 4400 for sure ?
@MiljanMarkovic, Check my newest prediction. :)

Any updates ? Where is our next buy zone ?
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@MiljanMarkovic, Hi there! I should be really careful with the current bitcoin price. Just hold on and wait till you know what the bitcoin does. If the bitcoin falls below 4280. it probably drop and you may see zcash dropping even harder. Maybe there is an opportunity to buy it at 200-210 if the bitcoin drops. Just becareful don't rush trades. Better make 1 or 2 good trades in two days, than 8 losing trades.

I'm watching it myself and make a new idea soon.
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MiljanMarkovic CryptoPredictions
@CryptoPredictions, I agree ! Tnx a loot u made a qood call and i sold it on 260 so i was just 10 15 dolars in the loss if i did not listen to u , i would be at least 100 dolars in the loss so tnx again! :)
BTC looking good on breaking 4400 lever, any updates on ZCASH?
Be careful atm! It's forming a head- & shoulder pattern. It can go ether way. Lets hope it doesn't break beyond the neckline of the head-shoulder.
MiljanMarkovic CryptoPredictions
@CryptoPredictions, I should have sold yesterday when it was 273 ,4 now :(
Nice chart! I really want to invest a lot of money in ZCASH so today it went up to 267 but its going back now . where do u think its good buy ? Is it going back to 220 level?
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