QuantCat Mom Finder Strategy (1H)

QuantCat Momentum Finder Strategy

This strategy is designed to be used on the 1 hour time frame, on all x/btc pairs.

The beautiful thing is it plots the take profit, and stoploss for you for each entry- where I would say use the stoploss for sure and feel with water with how the price action is looking when in profit.

In this strategy, I actually implemented my own trading style into building the strategy. Having to replicate my own trading strategy into an algorithm, I can't make it exactly perfect to how I would trade, but what I can do is try and program the parameters that give it the absolute best chance of making a big move with a small drawdown- which replicates part of my momentum trading style. Here I am using RSI, MACD, EMA and trend filtering values to find moments where there has been a momentum change to play the rest of the move. It only picks the best entries.

There is always a 3-4 R/R move on average with with these trades, meaning 1 in 4 only need to hit to be a break even trader- where most of these strategies have about 35% hit rate.

The stoploss is so crucial to minimise any damage from huge unexpected candles, the strategies can just be used for entries as well, you don't have to stick to the exact formula- of the long and short system, but this by itself is profitable.

The system nets positive results on
-NEO/BTC etc.

We also have a free 15M strategy available too.

You can join our discord server to get live alerts for the strategy as well as speak to our devs! Link in signature below!!!

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