München's Momentum Wave


This momentum tracker has features sampled from Madrid's moving average ribbon but has differentiated many values, parameters, and usage of integers. It is derived using momentum and then creates moving averages and mean lengths to help support the strength of a move in price action, and also has the key mean length that helps determine HL/LH or rejections into trend continuation. This indicator works on ALL TIME FRAMES, ALL ASSET CLASSES ON ALL SETTINGS!!

*First off, I have arranged the input settings into groups based on the parts of the indicator it affects.

*You want to use the aqua/white/yellow (Munich's line) as your leading indicator, this is a combined average of the MoM indicator.

* When using Munich's line you want to look at the relation to the mean line (the flat line that adjusts based on price action. You will often see rejections of this line into trend continuation. I personally have caught perfect LH/HL bounce trades off of this indicator.

* Use the Background and other colored moving averages to help pre-determine moves based on the -3 offset value of Munich's line. This was by design not to create 'accurate' results, but to help predict momentum swings based on sharper moves in price action better than if all values lined up to the current bar.

Cheat Code's Notes:

I hope you guys find this indicator to be useful, this is most likely the best indicator that I have written. Simply for the fact it is useful on any chart, any timeframe with any setting. If you guys have any issues with it, shoot me a pm or drop a comment. Thanks!


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