Momentum Signal Moving Average

This is a script with one modified indicator that mainly tracks and executes positions openings by calculating volume and "enthusiasm" from the exchanges coin pairs. I recommend that it is used on a 15m chart.
When it is a bullish trend it is configured to take profit, but this is of course something you can set values or disable. In bearish trends, the script opens bigger positions, and when a bounce happens the script starts taking profit.

In stagnation, the script used to be week, and made losses. However, with the added scalping feature it seems to at least even it out, or even make profit as I have seen now.

It's still a very 1.0 script and will get updated to make sure the profit keeps getting higher percentage.

I use the Alerts Trader extension to execute orders from Tradingview in Chrome via Bitmex API .

I use it on Bitmex, but surely you can use it on other exchanges that are supported in the Alerts Trader extension, which is extensive.

Important: You will be able to add this script to your chart, but you won't be able to se the source code, so to make it work you need to set the alerts right, with correct code for it to work.
Here is where I come in:
I'll give each user 3 day trial, and after that, if you are satisfied and want to run it longer, you can subscribe for $49/month.

And if you have bigger capital, I will install it and configure it to match the amount of contracts you wish to have.

If you are a person with big capital, you can get 1 week of trial.
And for people with big capital, you can get personal support from me when needed to alter settings or create new alerts. This will cost $50 each time.

But remember, you can also run the trial on the Bitmex testnet, but the volume is very low there so the bot does not preform as well on the testnet as it does on the mainet with big volume .

I am willing to let someone, a 3rd party, with good reputation test it for a few days and make an honest review after.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that this script will make you rich, but after a week of testing, both on testnet and mainnet, the results are good enough for me. (I am no financial expert or professional trader. Any losses from the algorithm is not my issue, use it at your own risk. Always run the script/bot with money you can afford to lose)

All payments to me are made in bitcoin .
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I have one person that's running the trial now. They will leave a review here when the trial is over.
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