FlexiMA Variance Tracker [presentTrading]

🔶 Introduction and How it is Different

The FlexiMA Variance Tracker (FlexiMA-VT) represents a novel approach in technical analysis, distinctively standing out in the realm of financial market indicators. It leverages the concept of a variable Length Moving Average (MA) to create a versatile and dynamic oscillator. Unlike traditional oscillators that rely on a fixed-length MA, the FlexiMA-VT adapts to market conditions by varying the length of the MA, offering a more responsive and nuanced view of market trends. (*The achieved method took reference from SuperTrend Polyfactor Oscillator)

This innovative design allows the FlexiMA-VT to capture a broader spectrum of market movements, making it highly effective in diverse trading environments. Whether in stable or volatile markets, its adaptability ensures consistent relevance, providing traders with deeper insights into potential market swings.

The proposed oscillator accentuates several key aspects through a distinctive mesh of bars, which are derived from the differences between the price and a set of 20 Moving Averages, each altered by varying factors. The intensity of the mesh's colors serves as an indicator, with brighter hues signifying a greater convergence of Moving Average signals.

Starting Length = 5

Starting Length = 40

🔶 Strategy, How it Works: Detailed Explanation

1. Core Concept:

The FlexiMA-VT operates by comparing the price or an average value (indicator source) against a set of moving averages with varying lengths.
These lengths are dynamically adjusted through a starting factor and multiple increment factors, ensuring a comprehensive analysis over different time scales.

2. Normalization and Standard Deviation Calculation:

Once deviations are calculated, they undergo a normalization process, which can be set to 'None', 'Max-Min', or 'Absolute Sum'.
This step is crucial as it standardizes the deviations, allowing for a consistent scale of comparison.
The standard deviation of these normalized deviations is then calculated, offering insights into the market’s volatility and potential trend strength.


3. Median Value and Oscillator Creation:

The median of the normalized deviations forms the core of the FlexiMA-VT oscillator.
This median value provides a balanced central point, reflecting the consensus of various MA lengths.
The standard deviation bands plotted around the median enhance the interpretative power of the oscillator, indicating potential overbought or oversold conditions.

4. Multi-Factor Analysis:

The FlexiMA-VT uses multiple increment factors to generate a range of MAs, each factor representing a different scale of trend analysis.
By averaging the results from these different scales, the FlexiMA-VT forms a more comprehensive and reliable oscillator.


5. Practical Application:

Traders can use the FlexiMA-VT for various purposes, including identifying trend reversals, gauging market momentum, and determining overbought or oversold conditions.
Its dynamic nature makes it adaptable to different trading strategies, from short-term scalping to long-term position trading.

🔶 Settings
1. Indicator Source (indicatorSource): Determines the base data for calculations, typically a price average (HLC3).
2. Indicator Length (indicatorLength): Sets the base length for Moving Averages, influencing initial calculations.
3. Starting Factor (startingFactor): Initial multiplier for MA length, impacting the starting point of analysis.
4. Increment Factors (incrementFactor_1, incrementFactor_2, incrementFactor_3): Modulate the rate of change in MA lengths, adding variability.
5. Normalization Method (normalizeMethod): Standardizes deviations, with methods like 'Max-Min' and 'Absolute Sum' for comparability.

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