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This is a higher timeframe scanner that detects whether the market is bullish or bearish according to our Buy Sell Indicator on up to 8 different timeframes. It can also be customized to scan different tickers so you can scan tickers that typically move with or against the ticker you are trading for extra confirmation. The scanner can be configured to use the exact same settings that you use with the Buy Sell Indicator so everything is using the same formula.

For price action identification, scalp mode looks at the candle body, candle wicks and size of the body and wicks and compares all of that to the previous candle to see if it is bullish or bearish. Swing mode will compare the current candle to the last 2 candles and long swing mode will compare the current candle to the last 10 candles. It’s looking for higher highs & lower lows, if the candle body is large or small and much more.

There are also filters that prevent signals from being given when the candle is small or has not made a higher high or lower low compared to the previous candle and multiple other filters to help hold positions longer. Once the price action direction has been confirmed, then the script looks at a massive amount of other calculations to determine if a signal should be given or not. These calculations are made up of all of my best indicators combined into a master signal generator as well as more new calculations from things I have learned over time and tested extensively that have not been made available to the public until now.

Price action as well as many other factors will all have to be confirming the direction before a signal can come in, but it reacts very quickly so it can give early signals at the first sign of reversal. Fine tune your settings to match your Buy Sell Indicator settings to get the same signals on the scanner.

The scanner will show the higher timeframe in a table on the side of the chart if no other ticker is selected to scan. The timeframe cell will show as green if that timeframe is currently in a bullish signal and red if that timeframe is currently in a bearish signal. If you set it to use a different ticker, the ticker name and timeframe will show up in the table.

The defaults are set up to scan the same ticker as your chart but on higher timeframes. It is set up for a 1 minute chart by default, but each timeframe can be adjusted to suit your preference all the way up to a 1 year timeframe.

You can set the scanner to look at different tickers as well which is very useful for getting confirmation by setting it to scan other tickers that usually move in the same direction or opposite of the ticker you are trading.

The signal settings allow you to match the scanner settings to your settings on the Buy Sell Indicator. There is scalp mode, swing mode and long swing mode. All 3 settings use the same calculations for signals, but they have different price action filters to help hold swings longer. Scalp mode will only be looking at the current bar compared to the previous bar, but swing mode will look at the current bar compared to the previous 2 candles. Long swing mode will compare the current candle to the last 10 candles to hold positions even longer.

There is also a candle trailing length that can be adjusted as well to suit your preference. This adds a filter that ensures the current candle is closing higher than the previous X number of candles you choose for a bull signal and is closing lower than X number of previous candles for a bear signal. Make sure to match these settings to how your Buy Sell Indicator is configured to get matching results.

You can also move the position of the scanner table to any part of the chart in the settings menu at the bottom.

There are alerts set up that will give you a signal when all timeframes are bullish on candle close and another signal that will alert when all timeframes are bearish on candle close. There is also an alert for when the first 4 timeframes & ticker are bullish and the last 4 timeframes & ticker are bearish or the opposite. This is useful for looking at forex markets and setting the first 4 to tickers that move together and the last 4 to tickers that move opposite.

This Buy Sell Signal Scanner can be used on any market with price data such as stocks, crypto, forex and futures.

This Buy Sell Signal Scanner can be used on any timeframe. And will scan any of our available timeframes between 1 minute and 1 year.

We recommend pairing this Buy Sell Signal Scanner with our Buy Sell Indicator so you can get signals and price action colored candles on the ticker you are trading and then use the scanner for confirmation of trend on higher timeframes and trade with the trend.
Nota Keluaran:
Improved the signals with volume & reversal candles.
Nota Keluaran:
Improved signal parameters with the following: added inside bar parameters, candle size parameters & mintick parameters. These are all meant to help hold positions longer. They only affect scalp and swing mode. We also added tweezer top parameters, gap up & gap down parameters and candle strength parameters to improve the entries and exits given.

Added the ability to adjust the signal sensitivity so the algo will hold positions longer or get in and out as fast as possible, depending on your settings chosen. This setting only affects scalp mode and swing mode. It is labeled as Candle Size Rejection Multiple within the indicator settings. The default is .1 and can go up to 3. The lower the number, the smaller the candle needs to be to allow a signal to come in. The higher the number, the larger the candle will need to be to allow a signal to come in. This helps hold positions longer when set to higher numbers, but can lead to unwanted missed signals if the candles aren’t big enough, so be aware of this when using higher rejection numbers. Setting this between .5 and 1.5 is the range where you will have positions hold longer than normal and still get timely signals.
Nota Keluaran:
Changed default settings. Fixed small bug with candle trailing length on some parameters. Edited some reversal pattern rules. Edited some general signal calculations and cleaned up some code.

Added Super Swing Mode. Super Swing Mode is a new type of signal calculation that is designed to hold through chop for longer swings in price while still giving early entries.
Nota Keluaran:
Major overhaul of Super Swing Mode signal parameters. It holds through chop better, holds positions longer and still gives early entries.

Updated candle calculations which has improved signal generation for all trade modes.

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