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For the chosen symbols (Defaults to XLV, XLF, IWM, QQQ), this displays a table that indicates (by color) if each symbol is at the high or low of day. When used with the main indexes, If all symbols are at highs or lows together, this can be a great indicator that a trend day is occurring in the market. You can customize the indicator to use up to 8 symbols of your choice. You can also customize the appearance so that it only displays an "All symbols are at the Lows/Highs" message. Finally, you can customize the % threshold to use when measuring how close to the high/low of day price needs to be in order to be considered "at high/low of day".
Nota Keluaran:
Realized that you can't use a threshold based on high and low of day because on the open it would be at both the high and the low. This update takes care of this issue by using a threshold of the days range instead. So, if price is within 10% (configurable to a different % of your choice) of the high or low of the day, it will use that value instead.
Nota Keluaran:
Fixed a bug that caused the "All symbols are at the highs/lows" message to be displayed when they weren't.
Nota Keluaran:
Added the ability to show the percent in range on the table
Did a bit of cleanup in an effort to fix an annoying bug that causes the table to jump around
Nota Keluaran:
Fixed a bug that caused the "all at highs" message to not be displayed.
Nota Keluaran:
Added ability to customize the title
Nota Keluaran:
Removing debug code :D
Nota Keluaran:
Found a bug that TV is passing variables by reference when I assign them to a new value, causing this indicator to not display the colors / warnings correctly. Attempting a fix that is working after a save, but I keep finding that after I publish, the fixes don't work anymore. Trying again regardless.
Nota Keluaran:
Who doesn't love getting in early when there's a trending day in the market? You can imagine that if the sector ETFs are at the highs or lows of the day at the same time, it can be a signal that we are having a strong directional market that day. On a trend day, you want to see all sectors hitting highs together repeatedly and consistently. And if you see this happening, it can increase the odds of success on trades in the same direction.

This indicator is designed to watch for these conditions to occur, and show you when it does. I realized as I was writing the indicator that you can also apply this to specific sectors. For example, some days tech names will be super strong while other names and sectors are weak. So I built the indicator so you can customize your own set of names you want it to track.

Since it's initial release, I've come to realize that another thing to watch is if the sectors have broken the high or low of the previous trading day. There's a saying in trading, "You can't short a stock that didn't break down, and you can't long a stock that didn't break out."

It is super important to know if the names you care about are breaking their highs and lows of yesterday. If they are, then that's another signal to you that you need to be making trades in that same direction!

This new version of the indicator provides this yesterday breakout info along with the existing info on today's highs/lows. Now, that's a lot of information to put in a table, and I try really hard to not clutter people's screens with my indicators. So, it comes with a good set of options for controlling what to show and when to show it.

For today's highs and lows, you have the option of having their row appear always, never, or only when one or more symbols is at the highs or lows. For yesterday's highs and lows, you have the option of having their row appear always, never, or only when one or more of the symbols has violated the high or low of the prior day. The defaults are to only show up when these conditions are occurring. This way, the indicator will actually remain hidden a lot of the time - especially on inside days in the market.

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