Cuck Wick

This indicator is dedicated to my friend Alexandru who saved me from one of these scam cuck wicks which almost liquidated me.
Alexandru is one of the best scalpers out there and he always nails his entries at the tip of these wicks.
This inspired me to create this indicator.

What's a cuck wick?
It's that fast stop-hunting wick that cucks everyone by triggering their stop-loss and liquidation.
Liquidity is the lifeblood of stock market and liquidation is the process that moves price.
This indicator will identify when a liquidity pool is getting raided to trigger buy or sell stops, they are also know as stop-hunts.

How does it work?
When market consolidates in one direction, it builds up liquidity zones.
Market maker will break out of these consolidation phases by having dramatic price action to either pump or dump to raid these liquidity zones.
This is also called stop-hunts or liquidity raids. After that it will start reversing back to the opposite direction.
This is most noticeable by the length of the wick of a given candle in a very short amount of time and the total size of the candle.
This indicator highlights them accordingly.

Wick and Candle ratio works with default values but finetune will enhance user experience and usability.

Wick Ratio: Size of the wick compared to body of a candle.
Adjust this to higher ratio on smaller timeframe or smaller ratio on bigger timeframe to your trading style to spot a trend reversal.

Candle Ratio: The size of the candle, by default it is 0.75% of the current price.
For example, if BTC is at 20,000 then the size of the candle has to be minimum 150.
This can be fine tuned to bigger candle size on higher time frames or smaller for shorter timeframe depending on the trade type.

How to use it?
This indicator will identify when a liquidity pool is getting raided to trigger buy or sell stops, they are also know as stop-hunts. It can be used of its own for scalping but there are also a good few indicators which would most definitely help to confluence bigger timeframe trades.

This indicator shows the most chaotic moments in price action; therefore it works best on smaller timeframes, ideally 3 or 5 minute candle.
- Wait for the market to start pumping or dumping.
- Current candle will change colour (Bullish/Bearish).
- Enter trade as soon as price starts to reverse back.
- Place the stop-loss outside of the current candle.
- Wait for the cuck wick to appear as confirmation.

Price is very chaotic during a liquidity stop-hunt raid but there is a saying:
"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity" - Sun-Tzu

Since this is a very high risk, high reward strategy; it is advised to practice on paper trade first.
Practice until perfection and this indicator would be the perfect bread and butter scalp confirmation.

Fair Value Gap
FVG strategy is the most accurate in conjunction with this indicator.
Normally price would reverse after consuming fair value gaps but often it's difficult to know when and where.
This indicator would identify those crucial entry points for reverse course direction of the price action.

Support and Resistance
This indicator can also be used in conjunction with support and resistance lines.
Generally the cuck will go deep below the support or spike much further up the resistance lines to liquidate positions.

Bollinger Bands
Bolling Bands strategy would be to wait until the price breaks out of the band.
Once the wick is formed, it would be an ideal entry point.

Script change
This is an open-source script and feel free to modify according to your need and to amplify your existing strategy.
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