SMA/EMA/RSImagic 36.963 by IgorPlahuta

Two Elements in this script:

Alerts: These are notifications that draw your attention to specific market conditions. There are two types:

  • RSI Higher Lows or Lower Highs: This alert triggers when the Relative Strength Index (RSI) forms higher lows or lower highs.
  • RSI Exiting 30 (Up) or RSI Exiting 70 (Down): These alerts activate when the RSI crosses the 30 threshold upwards or the 70 threshold downwards.
  • ALL BUY/SELL: to catch both of them with one setting

To Set Up an Alert: To configure an alert, select the one relevant to your trading strategy, choose the "Greater than" option, and input a value of "0" (this essentially activates the alert). Adjust other settings as per your requirements.

Please note that these alerts should be used in conjunction with a system you trust for confirmation.

Moving Averages: This involves monitoring several moving averages:

  • SMA12, SMA20, EMA12, EMA20: These moving averages are highlighted with background colors to help you quickly identify changes or crossovers. They are superimposed on each other for easy comparison.
  • SMA 50, SMA200: These moving averages are also highlighted with background colors to spot crossovers, and their lines change color depending on their direction (falling in red or rising in green).

Enjoy using these tools in your trading endeavors!

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