Fib,Guppy Multiple MA(FGMMA)(A/D & Volume Weight,SMA,EMA)[cI8DH]

cI8DH Telah dikemaskini   
- 3 + 12 MAs (12 is chosen because Guppy has 12 MAs)
- MA types can be set to Simple, Exponential, Weighted, and Smoothed
- Volume weight can be applied to all available MAs (the built-in VWMA uses Simple MA)
- It is possible to count in only effective portions of the volume in the equation by using Accum/ Dist Volume Weight
- Secondary smoothing (useful when volume weight is enabled)
- Predefined MA sets based on Fibonacci sequence (2,3,5,8,.., 377), Guppy (3,5,8,10,12,15 &30,35, 40 ,45,50,60), and cI8DH (2,3,5,8,12,17 & 30,34,39,45,52,60)

Recommended settings:
- hlc3 as input source captures all the essential information encapsulated in a candle. I'd use hlc3 as the default option. In uptrend, "low" and in downtrend, "high" might give more relevant results when using MAs for structural analysis of a market. For commonly used MAs (EMA20, SMA50,100,200), "close" should be used due to their self-fulfilling prophecy effect.
- When you have volume weight above 0, you may want to use secondary smoothing.
- Try not to use Simple MA for smaller lengths (below 20). Sharp changes in the past (right before the period specified by the length) will affect the current value of MA dramatically leading to confusion.
- I am using the first 3 MAs for SMA 50,100,200. You can disable them from the MA type selector all at once when using Fib or Guppy ribbons.

MA-based analysis:
There are different ways of structuring a market. Geometrical ( trend lines , channels, fans, patterns, etc) and Fib retracement-based structuring is very common among traders. MAs give an alternative way of analyzing markets. MA ribbons such as Guppy (6 slow and 6 fast-moving MAs) are popular for analyzing market flow. IMO default Guppy sets are a bit random as the numbers do not have an elegant sequence. So I proposed my sets based on increasing sequene spacing (+1). These two MA ribbons are good for market flow analysis but the spacing of the MAs are not ideal for structuring a market. Ribbons based on the Fib sequence is a better choice for structuring a market. This is the equivalent of Fib channels but in a more dynamic form. Among other things, MA Fib ribbon can be used to assess market momentum and to compare different stages of a market. Here are two "educational-only" examples:

- Smoothed MA with length L = Exponential MA with length 2*L-1
- Read the background section in my ADP indicator to understand how A/D Volume is calculated
Catatan Pelepasan: Fixed a minor bug related to secondary smoothing
Catatan Pelepasan: a minor efficiency improvement
Catatan Pelepasan: - Simplified the volume weighting
- Made the code a bit more efficient
Catatan Pelepasan: Changed the default set to custom and default MAs to end at 400 and divided by 2 until 6.
Catatan Pelepasan: optimization
Catatan Pelepasan: fixed issues caused by Pine upgrade

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