Indecisive and Explosive Candles

The Explosive & Base Candle with Gaps Identifier is an indicator designed to enhance your market analysis by identifying critical candle types and gaps in price action. This tool aids traders in pinpointing zones of significant buyer-seller interaction and potential institutional activity, providing valuable insights for strategic trading decisions.

Main Features:
Base Candle Identification: This feature detects Base candles, also known as indecisive candles, within the price action. A Base candle is characterized by a body (the difference between the close and open prices) that is less than or equal to 50% of its total range (the difference between the high and low prices). These candles mark zones where buyers and sellers are evenly matched, highlighting areas of potential support and resistance.

Explosive Candle Identification: The indicator identifies Explosive candles, which are indicative of strong market moves often driven by institutional activity. An Explosive candle is defined by a body that is greater than 70% of its total range. Recognizing these candles helps traders spot significant momentum and potential breakout points.

Supply and Demand Zone Identification: Both Base and Explosive candles are essential for identifying supply and demand zones within the price action. These zones are crucial for traders to place their trades based on the likelihood of price reversals or continuations.

Gap Detection: The indicator also detects gaps, defined as the difference between the close price of one candle and the open price of the next. Gaps are significant because prices often return to these levels to "fill the gap," providing opportunities for traders to predict price movements and place strategic trades.

Visual Markings and Alerts: The indicator visually marks Base and Explosive candles as well as gaps directly on the chart, making them easily identifiable at a glance. Traders can also set customizable alerts to notify them when these key candle types and gaps appear, ensuring they never miss an important trading opportunity.

Customizable Settings: Tailor the indicator’s settings to match your trading style and preferences. Adjust the criteria for Base and Explosive candles, as well as how gaps are detected and displayed, to suit your specific analysis needs.

How to Use:
Add the Indicator: Apply the Explosive & Base Candle with Gaps Identifier to your TradingView chart.
Analyze Identified Zones: Observe the marked Base and Explosive candles and gaps to identify key areas of support, resistance, and potential price reversals or continuations.
Set Alerts: Customize and set alerts for the detection of Base candles, Explosive candles, and gaps to stay informed of critical market movements in real-time.
Integrate with Your Strategy: Use the insights provided by the indicator to enhance your existing trading strategy, improving your entry and exit points based on the identified supply and demand zones.
The Explosive & Base Candle with Gaps Identifier is an invaluable tool for traders aiming to refine their market analysis and make more informed trading decisions. By identifying critical areas of price action, this indicator supports traders in navigating the complexities of the financial markets with greater precision and confidence.
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