Gherkinit Futures Cycle

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Presented here is code for the " GME Futures cycle theory" originally conceived by Gherkinit (Pi-Fi) and his quantitative analysts which is still under peer review.
This theory was built upon the knowledge that many intelligent investors on Reddit accrued over the past year in regards to the Mother Of All Short Squeezes this stock has to offer.

Up until now, what happened in January 2021 was considered an anomaly brought on by FOMO and retail interest but it's starting to look like unfair market makers and similar went to cover and ran head on into retail FOMO which is why they cut off the buying at that time. In order to understand what happened and what's to come, visualizing the theory with ease is essential.

- Enable Draw | Visual Clean up
(True/False) Quarterly dates : Enables or disables the quarterly dates that repeat every "cycle".
(True/False) Roll dates : Enables or disables the roll dates that repeat every "cycle".
(True/False) Expiration dates : Enables or disables the expiration dates that repeat every "cycle".
(True/False) Run dates : Enables or disables the run dates that repeat every "cycle".

- Date Colors | Making things look good
(Color) Quarterly : Color for the respective date.
(Color) Roll : Color for the respective date.
(Color) Expiration : Color for the respective date.
(Color) Run : Color for the respective date.

- Extended Cycle | Look into the future
(Integer) Extended line height multiplier : A multiplier value for the height of the lines representing the selected "future" cycle.
(Dollar Amount) Extended line height : The height value in dollars of the lines representing the selected "future" cycle.
(Integer) Extended line width : The width of the lines representing the selected "future" cycle.
(Integer) Extended cycle ID : The cycle you want to see "ahead" or in the "future". For example if you set the value to "0" you'll only see cycles from the past up until the present (already occurred). If you set the value to "1" you will see the estimated dates for the specific cycle in the future i.e. 1 cycle ahead of the last completed/visible cycle on the chart.

This indicator was simply made by a bored CS student who didn't want to endlessly mark dates on a graph after learning more about the theory.
Hope this help whoever uses this. To the moon fellow apes!
- Winter ;)

P.s. Pickle 4 Life
Nota Keluaran:
Fixed a small bug regarding the extended cycle still showing up if you set the value to "0".
Nota Keluaran:
Renamed "Run" dates to "Fail" dates as that represents the concept better.
Nota Keluaran:
Removed unnecessary drawings from the graph
Nota Keluaran:
Fixed typo lol
Nota Keluaran:
Added comments to better represent some variables.
Renamed function "draw_custom_line" to "draw_vertical_line" as that better represents its function.
Removed a redundant line of code I previously added while testing the indicator.

Added a new customization menu group "Extended Cycle Customization" for easier search.
Renamed some of the customization menu variable names to better represent their respective functions.

Added the ability to infinitely extend the extended cycle's vertical lines.
Nota Keluaran:
Updated the script to better reflect the futures cycle theory published by Gherkinit today on Reddit. Fixed some dates & renamed them so it made more sense as it was incorrect before.
Note: I still have to add the leap dates, don't have much time today.
Nota Keluaran:
Removed drawings on the chart
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