Indicator: SMA/EMA (Multi timeframes)

This moving average indicator will plot the SMA or EMA sourced from a different timeframe on the current chart.

Say you are viewing an hourly chart but you also want to know the ema20 sourced from a higher timeframe (i.e daily) of the same security. The problem with using most built-in indicators is that the MA values are usually calculated from the current chart, so to do that, you will have to toggle between 1h/1D. This script will eliminate this hassle by plotting out the desired alternative timeframe on the same chart.

Dynamic settings
By default the alternative timeframe is 1D, but this can be customized further:
- 1 week chart -> plots out 1 month MA
- 1 day chart -> plots out 1 week MA
- 1 hour chart -> plots out 1 day MA

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