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This indicator helps you visualise, practice, manage and automatically add funds to DCA deals that are in negative.

Multiple factors factors are relevant when trying to exit a bad deal:
  • How much funds are invested
  • What's the current average position price
  • How far the price has already dropped from that average
  • Is the price bouncing significantly and frequently to the upside providing multiple opportunities to exit or is it still a free-falling knife dumping heavy?
  • What are your TP % expectations

This indicator allows you to enter all these parameters visualising them all together in a single chart. The chart will show you based on all this information how much funds you would have required to exit in profit and rescue the deal in green. It will also flag if the exit strategy would have failed by plotting a red label indicating all the times where the TP wouldn't have been reached.

The exit strategies
In this pro version you have access to edit all settings and the added ability to use an external indicator as source:
  • Custom external indicator as source
  • Relative Strength Index ( RSI )
  • Commodity Channel Index ( CCI )
  • Money Flow Index ( MFI )
  • Bollinger Bands (BB)

Automated Add Funds-alert
With this indicator you can also add funds to the deals automatically:
  • Every time the conditions are true an alert is sent
  • Add Bot ID and Email Token for the deals
  • Select automatically calculated volume or your own custom

Tweak your exit strategy to your liking and add your Bot ID and Email Token to automatically add funds to your open deals.
Nota Keluaran:
All labels are now easier to read on the chart. The Add Funds-labels now shows the source.
Nota Keluaran:
Added regular alerts. You can now use the regular alert settings screen such as Only Once.
Nota Keluaran:
Improved alert frequency. Now only send one alert per specified source timeframe if you create the alert when the chart is on a lower timeframe.
Nota Keluaran:
Strict Mode: Prohibits new entries within the specified percentage (%) below the latest AF-entry. Invalid entries kept on chart but faded.
Backtester Mode: Makes the AF-entries backtest compatible when this mode is activated.
Nota Keluaran:
- Changed RSI to send alerts in the current bar when RSI goes below the threshold, instead of waiting for bar close-confirmation
- Added input confirmation window when first adding the indicator to the chart
- Updated wording and layout in settings, added more descriptive tooltips

- Updated volume settings
  • Added indicator-specific volume for weighting the signals by confidence
  • Added max volume for the calculated volume, if volume required goes above this threshold the global volume setting is used instead as a fallback
  • Volume is now a separate group in the settings panel
  • Automated volume is renamed to calculated volume
  • Custom volume is renamed to global volume
Nota Keluaran:
  • Removed the confusing set daterequirement when loading the indicator to the chart
  • Kept the confirmation box asking for current average price and current volume when you add the indicator to the chart
  • Added an info label with extra info at current price levels
  • Added option to show AF alert message text being sent so you can review it before creating an alert (it uses the volume from the latest AF event on chart as a placeholder)
    - Updated the volume label, when calculated volume is below your max volume limit it does only show the calculated volume, it doesn't show the parentheses with the required (it's not needed to see a duplicate value).
    - Changed max volume fallback, if the **calculated price** is above the **max volume limit** you have set, it will now use the max volume limit as the volume added to the deal, it will not use the global volume as a fallback.
Nota Keluaran:
Added support for futures, token string pattern can now be tweaked. 1 = Quote, 2 = Base.

1_2 -> USD_BTC
Nota Keluaran:
- Added support for short deals
- Compacted settings panel

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