Spectro™ M by Hypester.org

This is the commercial version of the Spectro™ M
Learn more at at https://hypester.org/spectro-indicator/

The new BADASS Spectro™ M
Ok, I gotta say this is so cool that I've been dying to write this release note, we're really proud with the amazing features we are releasing and the fact we could deliver them without raising the prices.

Spectro™ Alerts New Settings
The classic and loved entry/exit point finder, and now you can set the Spectro™ Alerts to your own preferences from aggressive to the safest triggering style. So now it can adapt to any trading style easily, from minute-leveraged scalping to yearly positions.

Spectro™ Indicator (Pro 8X Indicator)
This is the Spectro™ brain, and before this update, it was an indicator that was worth extra $10, but now we decided to implement it on the M version for free! Knowing how Spectro™ is behaving will give you an edge when forecasting entry/exit points.

Spectro™ Direction Change Alerts
A life saver, subscriber's words not mine. Spectro™ plots warning signs when it detects possible trend changes before they happen!

Spectro™ Multi-Resolution
Another heavily requested feature, now you can check buy/sell alerts from other timeframes on your chart. Let's say you're trading on 5M but you only want the strongest signals, so you set your custom timeframe to 15M. Or if you are trading a 12H timeframe and you are sure of a reversal and you're trying to catch the bottom so you play around with the custom resolution around 30M~2H for a more reactive triggering.
Or you might just want to confirm if you have a buy on the Daily before proceeding, that's a smart way to check the mid-range trend.

Specter Clouds
This is dope. I wish I could be more polite but this is as badass as it gets. This awesome new feature will tell you when the price is growing or decreasing out of the "organic" area, therefore, it will warn that whatever you're seeing, you shouldn't. In plain English: It means a reversal is coming.
But it doesn't only warns you about reversals several bars before, it also forecasts the future price targets for the respective reversal!

Also, the coloring of the cloud helps you find the bottom/top, the very beginning of the following reversal.

X Algo Confirmations
This is practical as ****! We know you guys are always checking other indicators to improve your odds so we decided to do it for you, but faster, better and more precise. We called it X because it checks so many indicators that we just called it X.

This is a proprietary blend weighted average between several indicators, you can name all the common ones... STOCH , RSI , STOCH RSI , BB, DMI, ATR, MFI , OBV, CCI , MFI , DPO , MACD , EMO , TSI, Elliot Waves, Fractal Patterns, Fibonacci LEVELS...well you get it... plus 3 proprietary indicators on the conservative mode. Now speaking English: We check up to 20 indicators for you and deliver it in a way that all it takes is one second to check ALL of them.

It also has an aggressive, moderate and conservative mode. The difference is just the amount indicators we check for you, more confirmations you need, more conservative you are.

Trend Analyser 2.0
We offer 3 types of TA. A brand-new proprietary price-based trend analyzer that warns you about violent price change and corrections, an MA blend good for scalping and spotting trend reversals and a classic fully customizable MA crossing.
Spectro offers you 8 different types of the most popular moving averages for the custom mode, from Simple Moving Averages to Fractal Moving Averages - so that creates 64 basic trend analyzer options. You can change the lookback (length) period, time frame resolution, and more. Resulting in a very flexible, simple to use and powerful trend analyzer with endless customization options.

Liked it? Give it a shot at, it's really affordable - you wouldn't believe if I told you: https://hypester.org/spectro-indicator/

Catatan Pelepasan: Correction on the EMO(It was supposed to be EMV and CMO lol) more info on X Confirmations, the indicators we use are:

STOCH, RSI, STOCH RSI, BB, DMI, ATR, MFI, OBV, CCI, MFI, DPO, 2 types of MACD, EMV, CMO, TSI, Elliot Waves Premises, Fractal Patterns, Fibonacci Levels.

We use a weighted average and we are constantly testing the weights and parameters to achieve maximum precision.
Catatan Pelepasan: Major Update!
Code & Performance Improvement (100 lines of code eliminated)
Noise Filtering Update (updated normalizing algorithm)
Custom Trend Analyzer Performance Update
Improved Customization Panel UI &UX Interface
FRAMA Removed (poor pine support for recursive functions)
Spectro Safest(#4) Triggering System Eliminated

Just remove and re-apply the indicator to update!
Catatan Pelepasan: New Feature - Auto Pivot System
Now we offer a handy and efficient pivot system, 2 static pivots and 2 dynamics.
1. Adaptative Fibonacci
2. BB Fibonacci
3. Full Fibonacci
4. Murrey's Math

Code Improvements
-10 lines reduced
-13 redundant variables removed

Bug Fixes
- Custom MA Trend Analyzer length bug
- Some features were not working on certain assets
Catatan Pelepasan: Pivot Labels Color Change
Pivot Labels
Catatan Pelepasan: Small Auto Pivo System Labels Temporary Fix

(Labels won't show in certain assets due to some PINE script limitations and maybe a bug in their language, we got in touch with support already to know how to proceed)
Catatan Pelepasan: Dynamic Labeling and Text Plotting is not supported by pine yet so we decided to remove the workaround we did until we get a feedback from Tradingview's support - it's causing too many compatibility issues.
Scalper TA now only displays reversal moments as default
Catatan Pelepasan: Massive Alert System Upgrade

Now you can set alerts for:
- Specter Clouds Appear
- X Confirmation Bullish & Bearish Appear
- Price Crossing Auto Pivo Levels

Titles were optimized for usability
More Alert Options Were Included
Catatan Pelepasan: After months of collecting data, user interactions, and feedback, the Hypester team is happy to present you with the biggest and best update yet: Spectro M2; 13 brand new features and a massive UI & UX redesign.

Merry Xmas!

What's new:
- Volume Analyzer
1. Scalp Mode
2. Sine Wave Mode
3. Long Trend Mode
4. Precision Mode

- Extra Reversal Tools
1. RSI Method
2. Scalp Exhaustion Method
3. Volume Method
4. Spectral Range Method

- Volatility Tools
1. Alpha-Omega Future Volatility Index

- Trend Analyzer
1. Specter Price Mode
2. Specter Volume Mode
3. Smart Trend BETA
4. Cumulative Mode
5. Ehlers MA Mode

Spectro M is becoming the ultimate trading system, and quite possibly the only one you'll ever need. Whatever style, market or background you're used to, in Spectro you will find endless combinations that go beyond simple trading strategies.

You'll be able to find the best combination for whatever situation you're trading, from trends to violent reversals - Spectro M has got you covered.

We made the interface even simpler, removing all the custom configs and implementing the most robust and used ratios so you only worry about trading and don't waste time crunching small numbers.

Spectro will be an all-in-one trading system, and we will also offer our most used features as separate indicators for those of you who love tweaking and finding your best configs.
Catatan Pelepasan: - Trend Analyzer overlapping Scalping Exhaustion
- Reversal & Volatility Warnings Shrinking Chart
- Minor Color Conflicts
- X Cong Formula Improvement
- Code Optimization
- New Features Alert Optimization
- Style Menu Complete Revamp
- Coloring Rework
Catatan Pelepasan: Minor Bugfixes
Catatan Pelepasan: Update:
-Small Spectro Warning Fix(label disappearing when zoomed out)
-Re-Added Spectro Custom Timeframe Capacity
-Now you can turn the Spectro Oscillator on independently from the text Spectro Text Alerts
Catatan Pelepasan: Update:
Performance Improvement across all types of candles(100% same performance now for any type of candle)
Catatan Pelepasan: Minor Update Notes:
- Scalp Exhaust Alert Fixed
- Styling Code Optimization
- Minor Bug Fixes
Catatan Pelepasan: Big new update!

Release notes:

  • Translation from PINE V3 to V4
  • Massive update on the Spectro Core Matrix
  • Added 8 new types of conservative behaviors to Spectro Oscillator
  • New Feature: Filtered Price Action feature
  • Complete Volume Analyzer Remodelling - Leaner and meaner!
  • Reversal Tools removed
  • New Feature: Divergence Tools, including RSI, MFI, and DPO Divergences.
  • New Feature: Predictive Channels
  • New Feature & Revamp: Trend Exhaustion with 2 processing options and 4 qualitative filters
  • Specter Clouds performance improvement
  • Dynamic Pivots Adaptive Fibonacci formula improvement & labels for each level
  • Full Fibonacci removed(adaptive are better and more complete now)
  • Dynamic Pivots Lookback Period Added - Fit any trading style
  • Massive Trend Analyzer Revamp, simpler, faster and more precise than ever. 3 modes added.
  • Alpha-Omega update, with 3 behavior settings
  • Performance upgrade - more features with 30% less code.
  • Small bug fixes with multi-resolution and more.

Curious to see it in action? Take a look at our video HERE.
Catatan Pelepasan: Fixed max_bars_back error
Performance improvement(-3% code length)
Catatan Pelepasan: Monthly Resolution Fix
Trend Analyzer Factoring Adjustment
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Do you like the tools that I use?
Complete Trading System: https://hypester.org/
Asset Screener: https://www.hypester.org/spectrum-screener
Top/Bottom Finder: https://www.hypester.org/spectral-range/
Flex Oscillator: https://www.hypester.org/spectro-o/
can i try some trial of this?
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@migm, Sorry we don't offer trials.
@migm, There's a 7 days trial, just sign up on the site :)
please access me thanks
@Don1991, @migm, There's a 7 days trial, just sign up on the site :)
Hey Kate. Could you give me Access? Thanks
@fi1tek, my name is Roderick. For access: https://hypester.org/spectro-indicator/
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Can you allow me to get access to this script?
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