CBG Keltner Channels

Keltner Channel with the following Moving Average types: SMA , EMA , Weighted, Hull, Symmetrical, Volume Weighted, Wilder and Linear Regression . Plus 2 bands with full color shading.

The picture shows the Keltner channels with the Wilder MA, my favorite. See how easy it would have been to stay in the move down? Excellent indicator.
Catatan Pelepasan: This update includes:

BarColors can be painted based on the candles close above or below the midline.

The middle region can be shaded only on the side of the closing price.

Finally, the background can also be shaded based on the moving average.

All shading and painting can be turned on or off on the properties window.

Catatan Pelepasan: Added 3 new paintbar strategies, one of which takes advantage of the next new feature, an additional control moving average.

4 Paintbar strategies

1. Simple MA above or below

2. Break of band 1. Stays on until break of opposite band

3. Break of band 1. Goes to neutral if on opposite side of MA.

4. Add a control MA (like the 200 hma) and price must also be on the same side as that
Open-source script

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Really nice work, long time user and fan of Keltner Channels and this is the most flexible I've seen.

Question - could you add the VWAP? as a centerline option?
GoldBands Zentrader9
@Zentrader9, Thanks! There is a volume weighted average option but not VWAP specifically. I can see about adding it next time I publish an update but not sure when that will be. Thanks for the suggestion though. :=-)
Beautiful indicator, great work.
For the next version, could we please request adding Donchian MA as both MA and control?
Thank you.
Good work. nice indicator.
Here's a pic showing bar painting without background painting...

Here's a pic showing just the painted bars with no background painted...
Here's an example using renko bars. This setup makes it easy to follow a simple breakout strategy with trailing stops and profit taking along the way so that when the stop is finally hit, most of the profit targets should be reached.
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