Strat Dashboard [TFO]

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The Strat Dashboard tracks up to 10 signals while highlighting common strat reversal patterns, the SSS 50% rule, timeframe continuity, and some additional criteria with VWAP and moving averages.

With the strat, all price action bars/candles are simplified into 3 total possibilities: 1 (inside bar), 2 (a bar that takes the previous bar's high OR low), and 3 (outside bar). The first table column for Last X Candles shows the most recent candles according to this notation, for example, 1 - 2D - 2U. This would mean we had an inside bar, followed by a bar that took the previous bar's low, followed then by a bar that took the previous bar's high. Note that the colors in this column are set according to whether the current bar's close exceeds the previous bar's high/low. By default, these colors are green if above the previous bar's highs, or red if below the previous bar's lows. If the current close is in between the previous candle's high and low (even after already taking the prior high or low), no color will be applied.

The SSS 50% column shows a yes or no value for whether the current bar aligns with the SSS 50% rule, where a bar has taken either the previous high or low, and has since reversed to at least the midway point of the previous bar's height - essentially anticipating a 2 that may become a 3 (outside bar).

Timeframe continuity (TFC) shows a yes or no value for when the current candle on multiple timeframes are all green or red (above the open price or below the open price, respectively). For example, if you were looking at the current 15m, 1h, and 1D bars, and they were all above the open price, you could say there's TFC between all three timeframes. As of the initial release, you can select up to 3 different timeframes. The table values will only be true when all selected timeframes are in alignment. When setting alerts, first deselect the timeframes if you don't want TFC logic to impact alerts.

The "Last" column shows the last strat reversal pattern that was confirmed (after the last bar closes). Waiting for a candle close is the safer option since a 2 can turn into a 3; however for higher timeframes, it may be beneficial to make an update to this indicator in which you can have live alerts as well (not waiting for a candle close). You can select which strat reversals you want to be shown from the settings. Various strat reversals may be selected for alerts of type "Any"; for example, if setting up an alert for "Any" strat reversal on Symbol 1, then this alert will go off when any of the *selected* strat reversals occur for that specific symbol. Deselect any strat reversals that you don't want to be included in these alerts.

Lastly, the EMA and VWAP columns simply show whether price is above or below said value. This tracks the current candle close, and may repaint/change several times if the current bar is oscillating above and below these values.
Nota Keluaran:
Added an option to have the alerts fire live instead of being delayed (waiting for bar close / confirmation)
Nota Keluaran:
Fixed an issue where certain cases would show both FTFC up and FTFC down on the same bar

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