POOR Cardano! Here is why you should NOT buy ADA!

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
Dear beloved fans!

D4rkEnergY cares about you. Therefore he has a valuable advice for you!

Lets start from the beginning. Lets take a look at the 4h ADABTC chart. We right now have a 63 % retracement, which isnt that unusual taking into consideration we had this crazy bullrun in December and the beginning of January. Viewed in isolation, this is perfectly normal and healthy.

But lets take a closer look. The first thing that we will notice is the descending triangle taking form, which means we will go further down. Both the MACD and the RSI allow us to fall through the triangle even though the bears are losing momentum. Again, thats not that big of an issue.

But now, and listen carefully, because here comes what worries D4rkEnergy deeply.

As you can see D4 has compared the ADABTC with BTCUSD . And what is a bit alarming is, how ADABTC have reacted to BTCUSD lately.

Normally ADABTC follows BTCUSD , but the last 4 days when BTC shot up ADA went the opposite direction.


Dont touch ADA right now! The chart is bearish AF , and shows no bullish signals what so ever!!

--D4rkEnergY is everywhere, D4rkEnergY knows everyting!


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can you plz update cardano? thank you
Hey D4

What is your latest take on ADABTC now?

Im glad I looked at this idea. Now I realise the limits of TA only Approach (with or without the help of LSD hallucinations)

Very creative lines on the chart. Print it out and put it on the fridge ?
I completely agree if your a day or swing trader looking for quick profits but If you like Cardano long-term and can emotionally handle hodling for 2-5 years, then this is accumulation time people. In my humble opinion Its a rare event in the crypto space to find a project that is more credible and qualified.
You are very creative in your analysis. Read about the random walk and use statistics, not drawing lines on a chart.
great its going to be pump and dumped soon, buy or don't buy, every blockchain is over hyped ffs btc should be worth 20k a coin!? 30minute transactions with miner fees relying on how much % you offer to speed up the process ?

ada 20x the speed no fees no miners hmmmm whats going to be the future just buy it fuck charting.
+3 Balas
Over hyped coin
rtacconi AlfredoCollado
@AlfredoCollado, it is not, they are using Haskell, formal methods, properly studied protocols, proof-of-stake. There are world-class programmers and professionals working on Cardano.
+4 Balas
worse than xrp
Im greed when you are fearfull!
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