AMZN, Double Extension? Or a small correction?

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Under Observation :)
Komen: Insane! amazon might gain 100% from 945... That is something.
Komen: People ask me why I am so interested in shorting this stock... Because, if there is a crash AMZN will be around $250-$380 max.
Komen: ALL HAIL JEFF BEZOZ THE WORLD'S FIRST TRILLIONAIRE! The year 2023 This prediction will also come true if there is no crash till 2023! 130 bill net-worth right now, 300 bil. by 2020, 700bil by 2022, 1-1.5 trill by 2023.
Komen: Whoever is shorting this, Good luck :)
Komen: Double extension confirmation on AMZN.
Komen: I think its going to break out!
Komen: Safe to take a position once we see a candlestick above yellow XD
I agree with the channel projections. I would do it the same way. We basically have 2 different degrees of bullishness.
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Avasreader IllusionsCatcher
@IllusionsCatcher, Looking at the market's bullishness, I think the double extension is the most likely output.
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watsonzou26 Avasreader
@Avasreader, Amzn was going up to 2500% from March 2008 to now. Anybody who hold this stock is soooo rich.
Avasreader watsonzou26
@watsonzou26, When the crash comes, the money will come to us so let it gain for now :D. Look at Bezos net-worth. For now, going long is the best option.
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