BCH blood sacrificed so that BTC may rise and crush all

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Once again BCH vs. BTC approaches the trend line . Last time this happened at this point during the cycle, it fell through and landed on a lower channel.
During this period BTC had just undergone a major correction. BCH's loss of support coincided with the start of a BTC bull run.

Well BTC has just undergone a major correction and has possibly just finished wave 1 of an impulse wave. In my opinion the bulls are about run free and crush everything in their path.

BCHBTC will drop to the next available channel. The dollar price will of course benefit from the increase in BTC vs USD but in terms of percentage gains, there will be nothing to beat BTC .

However once BCHBTC finds base, it will start to move up and we can expect it to act as a serious BTC multiplier. Thanks Roger.

After BTC peaks, I'm sure BCH will reach a new All Time High dollar high.
Komen: Just to put a time frame on this, I say soon. Definitely before end of Feb.
Komen: Many alt coins are stillpointing to a potential BTC reversal imo
Komen: getting close now
Komen: Crypto is bipolar. So are people. This idea was far too bullish even though I was also making bearish ideas at the time. I think both BTC and BCH will continue to lose value over the next month in to April, where I hope there might be a turnaround.
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Nah, I doubt about another deep dip in BTC, bullrun incoming IMO, your chart looks correct from my point of view.
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