BITFINEX:BCHUSD   Bitcoin Cash / Dollar
You know if I had to describe coin traders in terms of relationships, Bitcoin holders are clearly blindly in love... Ripple holders well they're like the power couple on a mission right now to get ahead and BCH holders? Fear of commitment! Lol... Bouts of wild passionate affairs followed by periods of not speaking to each other and this is fairly evident by the choppiness you can see even on this 30 minute chart where the price action is banging back and forth between the 200, 300 and 400 MAs. So until things can settle down and smooth out in this relationship she's not going to the party...

Come on it's only three little words... lol. Go out and buy her a new dress and let's get this girl to that New Year's Eve extravaganza!
Komen: To me this looks like a classic dump and grab move on BCHUSD -6.98% ... the problem is that there are soooooooooooooo..... many coins held by so few people that the rest of us do kind of get pushed around a bit. So whenever I see this dump at the end of a rally its perfectly clear to me what is going on.Now you have the 20 and 50 MAs moving up together through the 200 like this... well.. you better strap yourself in. Let's just be clear though this was no accident. If you got a little scared and dumped your coins you are not alone but there's still time to get back in and run with the big dogs!

we broke the restance, whats the next move? reload?
You know, that if you compare BTC little drops to any other alt coin (including BCH) there are the same :)
BTC is just a king. BCH is just wanna be son,... but it is not yet
@webmi, more like the princess... lol.
webmi graham.edwards84
@graham.edwards84, Maybe,... i know that is is a :)
@webmi, good one! lol...
@webmi, Yes Bich... Sure hard to predict or control Bich behaviour :)
xenn666xl xenn666xl
@xenn666xl, Yet sure, they surround with good money
B2X may have added more uncertainty to the mix .... :)
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