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This is a really strong coin guys, we all know that. No bullshit here, this guy is the king of the alts. Don't miss this opportunity. If you got something squirreled away now's the time.
Komen: I still think the next 6 or 7 days represent the best opportunity for buying BCH. Right now BTC is looking either like bulltrap or bounce back up - depends whether it holds at 13000 or not. If not then cheaper alts incl. BCH. Tbh I'd prefer more stability right now - yesterday was amazing with XRP (even though I got out here), XLM and ADA - maybe a taste of what's to come next year?
Komen: God XRP just blows my mind completely. Not pissed that I got in late and out early, just completely mind blown - I never believed in this coin. But there's definitely more than a few Ripple millionaires now :)
Komen: We're approaching bottom of channel, it has to bounce here. BTC is taking everything down with it incl. BCH as these two pretty correlated imo (except for pumps)


DOn't listen to the haters, i only watch charts & numbers! finally a Bitcoin that we can use, the way it was intended
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100% with you! Long term only. short term we could have better opportunities to entry
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Zielinsky Zielinsky
@Zielinsky, can*
BarclayJames Zielinsky
@Zielinsky, I was hoping for 2200, but I don't know if we'll see that again. Just couldn't let it pass :)
Zielinsky BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, i think we will see the 2000 again :)
BarclayJames Zielinsky
@Zielinsky, In that case I will ask for my January wages in advance
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Zielinsky BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, hahahahahaha
cryptoGus Zielinsky
@Zielinsky, hey guys, are we anticipating a break UP when BCH forks in january? bought in at 2700 last week and been HODL lol
BarclayJames cryptoGus
@cryptoGus, BCH will sail through it. Why? Because it's complete BS. It's an r/bitcoin FUD operation, it has all the hallmarks of those drooling cretins. The website, which is completely phony, doesn't mention who the devs are and copies all the text from Bitcoin Cash (just adding a plus on the end). The tagline for the fake fork product is "the best money in the world", which is taken from the Bitcoin Cash site. It's typical BTC trash. Best case scenario, it's just a joke. Funny.

Truth though it's so funny how scared many bitcoiners are of Bitcoin Cash. That in itself is reason for investment ;)
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