BT2 TA 26.12.2017

Based on the TAs from Haejin. (follow him on Steemit @Haejin)
Komen: wave 5 might peak at 700 or higher since wave 3 peaked at about 400
Komen: bad news everybody.
Seems like B2X is a scam.
Not sure what bitfinex will do about it, any ideas?
Dagangan ditutup: hentian tercapai: Bitfinex just deleted all BT2 coins. R.I.P.
BCH has been called a scam and BTG as well..

But Bitfinex seems to want to expire BT2 worthless for unknow reasons..

B2X still have been forked so i don't know why bitfinex wants to rip off people, they should give people their B2X
svensohn JJFF21
@JJFF21, it just crashed to 30 bucks.
People have been saying its a scam all along. At this point isn't there a way to tell? I dont know enough about bitcoin\block chain. I just dont think someone who is scamming people would put there linkd-in profile online. I dont know what to do at this point. I was going to wait until Sunday, but I may cash out my BT2 today and let it rest in USD wallet over the weekend.
qdoc millitrades
@millitrades, everything gets called a scam atm, bro. I think there has been a chain split if you look at blockchain explorer 'cos it ref's main chain.
So glad I found you guys. I have been holding BT2 for a week and totally lost, as info is hard to find.
chart still looks valid despite the drop
@qdoc, Thanks for update. Wish I would have waited to accumulate more. Could have almost double the BT2 I have. Very excited to learn how to do the charts myself.
qdoc millitrades
@millitrades, yeah man still very high risk but i think the chain split has happened hence this chain split token should represent something even if the bitfinex terms are not brilliant for us ;-)
@qdoc, yes very high risk. I was hoping to be out of this BT2 trade by now. Definitely not going to hold past 12/31. I also have B2x on Hitbtc, I will hold that for a while price is still higher then where I brought in. We will see what happens over night with BT2. I'll cut my lose at 125.

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