Bitcoin BTCUSD Happy Bitmas to You and Yours

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
Bitcoin             BTCUSD             . Christmas Day
What kind of sad tw@t would be writing on Bitcoin             today? Hi there.
So how's Bitcoin             behaving over Christmas? It rallies all morning
in Europe and then at 12.45 GMT             as everyone goes to lunch and
buyers dry up it falls 1200 points to the lower line of what is now
a developing continuation pattern, and, as usual tracking parallels.
Jeez. If we'd known that was going to happen that could've paid
for lunch a few times over. Maybe next year now we know...
So Bitcoin             swings across the globe into the hands of the USA for
a few hours - who don't look too interested either way, but Bitcoin            
does top out at 1.30 EST - do you guys eat a little later than UK
on Christmas day ? Anyway, now I figure most will have finished,
as Bitcoin             has started to rally next Christmas day maybe
we have an idea of how this one around and it goes
down. Amazing. Who'd have thought?
Looks like it will grind higher but still be subject to fairly sharp drops
- just don't want to be buying this high and then getting whipped
out in zero volume conditions - so can only think of buying if the
lower parallel is tested with a stop 50 or so under the line - but
when Bitcoin             skips across the Pacific to land in the far East volume
should start to rise, and they are more likely to be buyers than
sellers...but the chart will confirm - or deny - this for us...can get
pushed up to 14648 but not likely to get much further without
Eastern buyers and some volume ...if you see this some time
around the open or within an hour at most and 14648 is broken
through it can be followed for 800 points or so up to 15509.
It should come off again from here, if not from 15814 later on though.
On downside there is near term minor support here, at 13982 with
stronger support at 13717-13679, where the lower parallel lies now -
Bitcoin             must hold up off this line on all retests to avoid falling back
into negative territory, most likely driving price back to the left hand
structure that began this move at 12617 -12500 with smaller
counter rallies most likely off the blue support lines at 13456 and
13086. Any break below 12500 would trigger another good short
back to 11391-11165 range.
Wow, it bounced of that 15509 level you mentioned
Merry Crimbo Matey ;-) Ps looks like title in the bag
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