BTC - Once in a lifetime opportunity. 2018 longer than Mandingo

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
Ignore the FUD - They want you to sell. Big institutions are moving in and they are trying to buy your Bitcoin's for cheap. Bitcoin is an extremely rare and revolutionary asset, the recent parabolic movement should be no surprise.

Hold your positions - The risk of selling now is far greater than the reward of holding. Short term trends will pick up. Expect huge swings around the CME futures closes. January 18th is the first monthly contract close. What a surprise that the CME futures markets clocked in at an all time high of $20k. It gave the naysayers ONE chance to say "I told you so" by shorting the lights out of BTC . The short term down-trend reversal is imminent. If you want to take a risk of chasing a $6-8K BTC , by all means do it, but you need to realize that you may be giving too much credit to the text and voices you hear across the internet.

Accumulate and forget about it - Here is 5 different trends pointing to ~$50,000/BTC by the end of 2018. First trend (shortest term) is still intact even with recent consolidation.

Make sure your portfolio has a healthy ration of BTC - Alt-coins most likely will suffer when Bitcoin decides to tear through the streets. If you are new to Cryptocurrency and you do not own any BTC , now is your time to not make the mistake of holding 100% Alt-coins. Bitcoin is not too expensive. If you've invested in Ripple because it was cheap, count your blessings now and exit before you get burned. I would highly advise to invest in Ethereum over Ripple, and of course make sure you have a PHAT portion of Bitcoin in your portfolio.

Lightning Network - Atomic swaps and Decentralized crypto exchanges ARE the future. When you read shite on the internet about how Lightning network is a myth, ignore it. Lightning network will be incredible and all the Segwit coins will benefit from this.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) - Futures markets opened the doors for ETF approvals. People have been trying for years to get a Bitcoin ETF through the SEC, and we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just know that when there is a functional ETF , dump trucks full of money will be lined up to get into BTC like Midtown Manhattan rush hour traffic. Think about it like the whole 401(k) industry will have the opportunity to diversify a small fraction of their portfolios into Bitcoin .
BCH for the win
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