Following the Bitcoin Trend

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
This pullback scales correctly against the preceding rally. While retail investors are scared out of their wits, many see this as a buying opportunity.

Komen: I have been identifying trends using my newly coded indicator, "Time Series Long vs Short Volume (TSLSV) beta."

The first three vertical lines are located at the lowest point of previous market dips.
The location of the last vertical line is what I am observing.
It does have a correlation to the last three previous dips in that the short volume is higher than the long, AND both are increasing at the same time.
This is not an occurrence that can be observed at any other point in time which indicates that it has uniquely identified the bottom of bitcoin 3.43% dips in the past.

Because of the absolute dominance that bitcoin 3.43% has in the cryptocurrency market, it is likely that a bottom in bitcoin 3.43% would translate to the bottom for other crypto coins.

Hopefully, this will trend will continue.

Happy Trading
Komen: Classic.
Komen: Bitcoin 4.0

Kenzing trading indicators for TradingView perform advanced real-time analysis of stock price trends and display alerts that are easy for the average Trader to interpret.
Until now it looks like it's moving as planned. Hope you are right buddy.
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My friend what i see from this is that btc have never corrected properly before and that this correction can get much deeeeper
asdfghghj asdfghghj
@asdfghghj, last proper one was at 860. So i will save some money for 1000
@GrantPeace is the indicator available to the public?
GrantPeace kirill.bensonoff
@kirill.bensonoff, I will publish it soon as there seems to be a high demand.
@GrantPeace, cool, looking forward to it!
How did you calculate the 632% projected rally?
GrantPeace TomUnderwood
@TomUnderwood, I didn't. I only guessed somewhere above ATH. The main point is that this slump is within a reasonable volatility range for Bitcoin and should not be classified as a market crash.
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