BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
I'm not making any suggestions that this may be a Pyramid Scheme, nor that this whole cyrpto market is being controlled by "you know who"!
I'm also not calling a top anywhere.
I just had some extra time on my hands and decided to draw and sketch a little?
well i was jumping at 14350 and because i dont think it will go lower than 14k i wish it does but , everybody ive spoke to or know they all say in the 13 and 12 mark , i just think if it ever went that low it will create a pandemonium everyone would jump on it and the price will rise fast , i think there are big fish out there and waiting to catch everyone off gard on every chart it all comes around the same price rage and everyone is counting on hitting that price befor they buy , now in my eyes its the 2nd time it hit 17200 and everyone is banking on its going to pull back to its correction price and make it before it rises , i think its going to fall 4 to 7 hundred dollars
short and shoot up ..
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Made me chuckle. And it's probably true! :-)
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Good luck to you my friend shorting bitcoin. Yeah, Sauron is watching us. We are doomed.
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I looked into my glass ball and saw the same!
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Illuminati confirmed!
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Jokes, some humour definitely needed in this market
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