BTCUSD - BITSTAMP - Changed to Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic...

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
...for Two Reasons. Those reasons are mentioned in the Green Text Bubble.

Copied and pasted the cover chart for this publication below for easier viewing and reading of text bubbles:

The Purple Text bubbles were for when we were in Phase C and D of Wyckoff Distribution Schematic. The Black text bubbles are for when we reverted from Distribution to Accumulation. Hence, this NEW Accumulation Schematic Publication.

I'm expecting us to go down for a Second Test ( ST ) of DEMAND/SUPPORT after we reach the top of our current Automatic Rally (AR) we've been working on. We may have already reached the top. Hard to say at the moment. Not sure if the lower or upper dashed black line is the top yet; before we head back down to TEST DEMAND/SUPPORT.

In case you're new to my publications:

Here is an image of a Richard Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic: It's IMPORTANT TO NOTE the price action does NOT have to play out EXACTLY the way it's depicted in the Schematic by Wyckoff. It's ONLY an example of POSSIBLE price action within the schematic.

Here is a link with further information on the EVENTS TO OCCUR WITHIN THE SCHEMATIC. It was put together well in a short synopsis of Wyckoff Schematics:

Books by Wyckoff can be found here. However, make sure to scroll down till you see the name, Richard Wyckoff. MANY other books on trading can be found here as well. Excellent source of trading material FREE online:

An excellent video to start with on teachings for Wyckoff by David H. Weis can be found here: "David Weis on Wyckoff, Support/Resistance , and Waves" -

Charts with indicators will follow soon. However, NOT immediately this time. As I have recently posted charts with indicators in this previous publication below. THE MAIN REASON FOR THIS NEW PUBLICATION IS TO MAKE A CORRECTION ON THE PROPER SCHEMATIC FOR BTCUSD .

Here is the publication with recent updates of charts WITH indicators.

Komen: Daily (1440m) TF:

Komen: Even though the levels of the Blue LSMA in Phoenix 1.118 and Phoenix 1.38 at current location look similar to a past event, I'm hesitant to say we will do similar as that past event .

This will be interesting to see which prevails. Will it be the indicators that prevail - OR - Will it be my TA in regards to Wyckoff that prevails. Only time will tell.
Komen: Ignore text bubbles in this 1080m (18h) TF :

I think it's important to note in this TF how "high" the Blue LSMA is in Phoenix 1.118 and Phoenix 1.38. Also note how the Stochastic RSI is falling down as well. However, the Phoenix ARI is remaining at full 100% but NOT GREEN; it's ORANGE (for caution). BROWN is not good for Phoenix ARI.


Komen: I just noticed someone did a MODIFICATION to Godmode Oscillator by adding an LSMA "AND" set the inputs to what I suggested.

The name of the indicator is called "Godmode 3.1 mod with LSMA"

I placed it at the top above Phoenix 1.118 for you to compare the two and see there is very little difference. The only other thing you would need to add is Stochastic RSI above or below it.


Komen: We do NOT have to do a 2nd AR (Automatic Rally) in Phase B. Just letting you know. It's not unusual to have a 2nd AR but it's POSSIBLE.
Komen: Compare that chart above with this example of an Accumulation Schematic:

ALSO: Do NOT ASSUME we must go lower in our TEST in PHASE B as depicted in that Accumulation Schematic EXAMPLE provided in that image in the link I just provided. That image is ONLY AN EXAMPLE. It does NOT have to play out EXACTLY as depicted in that EXAMPLE.
Komen: NOW that you've seen the example of the schematic above from end of 2014 to end of 2015, let me provided a famous quote of Wyckoff:

”…all the fluctuations in the market and in all the various stocks (crypto) should be studied as if they were the result of one man’s operations. Let us call him the Composite Man, who, in theory, sits behind the scenes and manipulates the stocks to your disadvantage if you do not understand the game as he plays it; and to your great profit if you do understand it.”
Komen: I had to chill the remainder of the evening. I did not want to keep my wife and son awake. I'll finish dismantling the remainder of the OLD mining room this evening.

1080m TF:

720m TF:

600m TF:

480m TF:

360m TF:

However, the HIGHER TF's would SUGGEST we may still have more room for upside potential based on the Blue LSMA. However, the Blue LSMA is close to 80% now.

1440m TF:

So, we're getting very mixed signals at the moment. Mainly from what we see in the shorter TF's we are getting downside pressure.

The Higher TF's are giving mixed signals currently.

1440m TF:
Komen: I meant to post this 2-Day TF at the bottom of previous post:

Komen: Closer look at the 360m TF:

360m With indicators:

Komen: Update for my mining room remodel. This is a link to Page 3 of the thread I created on with quite a bit of photos and comments:
Komen: Us making it down to the 0.236 FIB at a minimum is a no brainer. Which leads me to say, "The odds of us making it down to the 0.382 FIB at $9,541.76 is QUITE HIGH.

We should have a better idea of whether we make it down to the 0.5 FIB and/or 0.618 FIB as it progresses downward WHILE looking at the indicators.

Komen: A better look at my FIB coordinates:

Komen: I do NOT know everything. Which is WHY I'm about to make this next post to TRY to learn something. Someone who is WELL VERSED with FIB's might be able to assist me. Not sure...

What I'm trying to find out : Would we have our FIB coordinates like I have set in the Purple FIB or in the Blue FIB ???

Next question: Would we expect the price action to go down to the 0.618 FIB in either case ???

Komen: If there is no one WELL VERSED with FIB's to answer the questions above, it's no big deal. We'll find out soon enough...

Komen: The 720m (12h) TF shows quite a bit of downward pressure for a few days. At least that's what I'm seeing at the moment.

This is my last post for several hours. I need to get some sleep. I've been up all night. Mainly working in the mining room. It's currently 10:25am.

Happy trading... :)


There is a POSSIBLITY we may not go down much at all where we are located currently. I'm posting this immediately while looking at other TF's.
Komen: I'm also showing two rectangles positioned vertically to show another example of the POSSIBILITY of us NOT going down further.

I'm going to other TF's:

Komen: I watch X22 Report Religiously.

This is an excellent episode that came out today: "As The Old Economic System Breaks Down, A New One Is Born From The Ashes" (With Crypto):
Komen: The 1440m (Daily) Update:

Komen: About the only change I'm seeing in the indicators for the moment since 6 hours ago is the Phoenix ARI and stochastic RSI are down. Bottom line, downside pressure still prevails.

Komen: My analysis COULD be wrong. I'm simply pointing out what I'm seeing within the indicators on the 12h (720m) TF:

Komen: Daily (1440m) TF:

Komen: Disregard the text bubble within the Phoenix ARI/Stochastic RSI indicator. As y'all can see, the Stochastic RSI and Phoenix ARI have PLENTY of room to come down in the Daily TF "IF" it wishes to continue down.
Komen: 180m AND 360m TF's:

Looking like $9,600 may have been bottom here. This could be reversal to the upside.

720m AND 1080m TF's:

1440m AND 2-Day TF's:

Komen: The 3-Day and 4-Day TF's are even VERY "IFFY" as to whether or not we have reversal at the moment.

Currently a LOT of MIXED signals at CURRENT location. The Phoenix ARI (at the bottom of TF) seems to indicate upside pressure is more dominant over the Long Term in the 2-Day and 3-Day TF's. The 4-Day TF is still "IFFY."

Komen: Even the 7-Day is "IFFY" at the moment. VERY mixed signals at CURRENT location:

Komen: A look at the 6-Day TF:

Komen: Signals are most always "Mixed" WHEN we are at or near the BOTTOM (lower) LEVELS on the Stochastic RSI and Phoenix ARI in the higher TF's; such as the 6-Day and 7-Day TF's.
Komen: It appears we are more or less in accumulation; when looking at the price action along with the indicators in the Daily (1440m) TF:

Komen: Possible current trading range... Keep in mind we are in "IFFY" territory at the moment... I'm simply posting charts with me "Thinking out loud." Maybe someone will see something I do not see.

Komen: Odds are (Based on this chart I shared earlier) we will go upside. Maybe sideways for a while first within a narrow Trading Range (TR) but ultimately upside. This is my "opinion." This is not trading advice. Simply sharing "opinion."

Komen: This is a general update:

First off, I'm still on the ropes in regards to whether we are on a Second Test (ST) in Phase A or a TEST (for support) Phase B. Hence, the reason you see some text bubbles with White filler and black border with black text. I'm leaning more that we are in Phase B with TEST in Phase B in progress.

Daily (1440m) TF:

Here is the 12h (720m) TF; I will post it again in approximately 50 minutes when this currently 12h candle is completed and a new one begins. I will post comments on the 12h indicators the next post when the indicators update.

Komen: We will BEGIN a LOWER drop on THIS 12h candle... I will explain shortly:

Komen: One of the FEW exceptions to e decent drop where the Blue horizontal line is located inside Phoenix 1.118 is CIRCLED IN RED.

Komen: I placed Purple vertical time lines were we had decent drops in the price action and PAID ATTENTION to the Blue LSMA during that decent drop. Meaning, I wanted to see what LEVEL the Blue LSMA was at WHEN the price action BEGAN a decent drop.

Odds are HIGH we are continuing downside pressure for at least the next 12 to 24 hours. As to whether we have a DECENT drop or not that will BEGIN this candle; it's hard to say. However, the ODDS are kind of high we will have a decent drop.
Komen: I'm thinking odds are we go to the 0.5 FIB at $8,850.36 to the black line I have drawn angled downward.

Komen: Apologies for so many notifications you're probably getting via email.

I simply wanted to point out it's POSSIBLE to go down to the 0.618 FIB at $8,158.96. I'm simply going on a hunch we go to the black line angled downward to the 0.5 FB. In either case, we're having more downside action which will result in more downside price action.
Komen: The REASONS you hear in this video should be PLENTY to help one understand how IMPORTANT it is to get as much of your capital out of the stock market as possible and INTO REAL ASSETS LIKE GOLD, SILVER and CRYPTO CURRENCY: :

And this video by the same channel as well:
Komen: Mike Maloney: The Golden Crypto Revolution & The Cashless Society
Komen: It's beginning to look like we will remain inside the Aqua rectangle TR (Trading Range) and advance upward to the bright green rectangle TR the first week in March and remain their till probably mid March before advancing upward to the upper Yellow Rectangle TR. Going below $9,000 is not looking likely at the moment.

Komen: If you noticed, I have two red circles inside the top indicator and drew a red line for everyone to compare the two. If you look at the price action above the red circle to the far left, we stayed inside a tight trading range for a piece then advanced up just a bit and stayed in that TR just a piece before finally breaking out THEN back down.
Komen: That final throwback to the downside after staying in tight trading ranges for a while was the FUEL we needed to begin our Wyckoff Spring that took us to $19,666. I expect similar here; where we stay within a tight trading range for a while (for the purpose of accumulation) then leg up and sideways for a bit before a shakeout to the downside that will provide the FUEL for us to breakout with a Wyckoff Spring above $19,666. I expect that Wyckoff Spring to begin sometime around mid to late April.
Komen: 360m TF:

Excellent Work!!!

Can you please let me know your opinion looking at below snapshot of wyckoff method applied on BTC??

ProwdClown zeeshaan001

I like the fact you're putting forth the effort to learn... for sure...

This will take a bit for me to explain with a chart of my own. Give me some time to work on it and get back with you.
zeeshaan001 ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, Thanks alot !!!
ProwdClown zeeshaan001


By the way, no disrespect was intended when I said, "I like the fact you're putting forth the effort to learn..."

Some traders think they know everything when they don't. I will most certainly admit I don't know everything and doesn't make me feel bad at all to admit it publicly.
zeeshaan001 ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, i am a student!!!! :)
ProwdClown zeeshaan001

As are most of us... :)

Cheers M8
ProwdClown zeeshaan001
@zeeshaan001, Currently working on it in this publication:

Thanks for the link with Mike Maloney, watched the full thing.

Cool... Thought you might enjoy it.
@ttt4567, I'm assuming you watched the 8 part series one I provided a link to in the DJI Average publication?
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