BTC Will hit 50 000$ On March 4th!

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
Because im the greatest! Never wrong, 5000 years doing TA - i see da future clear as my laptop keyboard.
March 4 is my birthday and Bill Gates told me he after murdering few kids in Africa with his experimental drugs, gonna buy bunch of BTC to honor me.

Why not? Looking at top people here in website who post total NONSENSE crap bullshit everyday, why can't i? Yeah talking to you PoopCanon. Stupid nonsense, updating his charts every day to suit his fairy tail, and when markets goes to totally different position - then he changes his song and tells " mister poopie pans, i knew it's going to be that way, not like i drew...i just was testing you...Im super incredible poopie canon".

People stop looking at this kind of idiots. You gonna lose your money. He knows not more then you do. Even less cause his predictions not even falling to 50% probability chance. TA NEVER works!!! It's fairy tale. NONE ever predicted the price, the rise or falls. It's 50/50 We all can be amazing at TA cause it's 50/50. TA WILL never show price, Elliot Waves is nonsense, head and shoulders are nonsense.
Whales play their game as they want.

PS not to mention clown named "D4rkEnergY", MPC at least trying to convince you his really predicting something, not just making things up.
Komen: See i was SOO CLOSE, im Mr Poopie pans!
Komen: We can can inverse Panten Pro V...oh i mean Head and Sholders pattern..bla bla mr poopie pans, from poopieland.
I can see maybe $40K, but $50k might be pushing it.
March 4th 20??
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