LAST #BITCOIN chart of 2017.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
2013 vs 2017. Crash cycles are all the same. Target around 10k USD (THIS CYCLE!), will be re-evaluating this target later this week after a couple of daily closes. Furthermore there is a copy of my excel sheet where the relevance between the 2013 and 2017 candles have been calculated

Gabriel Molenkamp

2013/2017 % wise it all makes sense:

Q 1d candles % change

Q1 15
Q2 9 60%
Q3 5 56%
Q4 6 120%

2017 Q 1d candles %change

Q1 113 63%
Q2 67 59%
Q3 38 57%
Q4 45,6 <------------------ calculated on basis with the assumption that relatively seen Q3 to Q4 takes 20% longer based on 2013 fractal .
aka 120*38= 45,6 candle
Komen: there u go, trend continuation as expected. As many *crypto OG's* are guessing tops, we are easily looking at the beginning of the fifth and final wave.
Komen: Pinning and leaving it here.

#Bitcoin last all time high of 2017:
@Bitstamp price(!): $12715
Date range: 2-3 december

This will be a wick. Expecting the weekly to close below $10000 as this is a major psychological barrier.

Komen: white line on point with dates of crash, except the targets were way off.
oh #fml

welcome back to the f$^#^% show
@ffs, thanks bro good to be back for the major swings ;)
#Retired ? gz mate
@ffs, not quite! like movies, part one two three.. got to milk the entire industry as it is with trading. Currently waiting for the cycle to end. Playing heavily in the altboom which is currently gaining traction :)
ffs GMolenkamp
@GMolenkamp, are you playin (swings?) or just waitin in bleeding alts & watchin bitcoin fly like most here ? lol

too many are expecting another alt season, makin me worried about 2018 !
@ffs, I have a portfolio for macro frames and a minor portfolio for the "macro swings". Basically majority of this all a holder, on spot- no margin hereby reducing my risk and the returns are sufficient to be fair.

A lot are expecting another alt season, however most of these "new" investors are in losses, or already sold out in a loss. Disbelief is kicking in. I am quite confident for the alt season to carry out. Our beginners, LTC, XRP and BTS have or are taking off. Matter of time before the capital influx will affect mid/minor caps.

ffs GMolenkamp
@GMolenkamp, we basically have the same strategy & almost exactly the same mind set. Indeed everything fits in for a new alt season, there are signs everywhere, my only worry is its "too" fitting; which makes me worry abit.

I'm holding & averaging down while everyone is selling, trying to catch the bottom meanwhile, all spot of course. Alittle more despair & afew more sell outs would set my mind way more at ease, the sentiment is still too cheery if you know what i mean.

Lets hope we are right & will retire soon enough, at least you will ;)

any new updates on current chart
@asam, this was based on the lineair chart. looking at logarithmic bitcoin has more room to grow. be careful however, current growth is incredibly rapid (parabolic) and is not sustainable. The current levels are absurd, and are screaming a correction in the short term
good chart man. keep it up
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