BTCUSD Coinbase/GDAX projections and buy targets during 2017 PBR

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
PBR = "Parabolic Bubble Run," a term I'm coining on this here day on Dec 9, 2017 LOL

What does these projections say about the South korean and US currency that has been flooding in causing all this volatility and a huge spike in market cap? will they pump BTC or liqidate to an ALT whilst their money can manipulate the market so easily?
@KairiChan, I can't control what is happening in the news - those can be black swan events. However, I feel the powers that be with billions at stake can make things happen and I just provide a window of possibilities/probabilities where I see price having best chances of heading to in both directions. I use this as a guide. Once price breaks out, need to re-assess. All in all, with China clamping down with capital flight controls and possible tax situation for corporations in USA improving, there should be more capital flowing into USA which can help BTC. In all very bullish, just trying to figure out when to take profit v. buy more and accumuiate.
thumbs up. why do you say buy on GDAX instead of bitstamp if price is higher on GDAX?
cryptocraycray the_end_comes_quick
@the_end_comes_quick, This is mainly for the folks that follow me that only use GDAX/coinbase for now. I never use them. As much as I try to move people to other exchanges, coinbase makes the user experience too simple. We need the other top exchanges to start making ios and android apps to compete.
trying to speculate price action months out base on TA is useless. you don't see meteorologists telling you what the weather will be in April 2018. C'mon man.! lol
+1 Balas
@pisces38, Of course not - Let's wait and see what happens in Jan. I am no Nostradamus nor do any exist, people get lucky repeatedly as well and somehow seem like geniuses (most of wall st fundmangers who beat the market are random walk lucky bastards or are using inside trading).

All I know is all parabolic rallies have to fizzle out at some point, so this is the best guide I have found to setting some realistic expectations. I can't account for FUD/news, etc... but often i see FUD and news manipulating price to achieve walls treet targets. e.g. Wall street uses TDSA (time domain sequential analysis) which I use since 1994... it's fairly accurately predicts when in time from 1 min to 1 monthly candles momentums change and reversals and pullbacks are more probably. My forecast definitely has an element of that as the confluence of all these to me puts this at >50% chance since I see wall st. and the whales have the power to move the market.
pisces38 cryptocraycray
@cryptocraycray, just FYI the dot com bubble collapsed when the total valuation of all equities in that space were in the trillions. What is the total cryptocurrency market capitalization today? Ask yourself that fundamental questions. Not even worth Facebook's valuation or even close to Apples. Single companies on the Nasdaq. Wall Street may very well use TDSA, but they also have quantitative analysts and CFAs who so happen to look at the same FUNDAMENTALS I just mentioned earlier. So to say we are in a bubble, you might want to recheck the fundamentals, which technical analysis tends to overlook.
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