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Since we posting last week we have had several questions such as "I want to own LTC or ETH what is a good entry point?", "When is a good time for me to get in on BTC I want to own some?" Well based on the graph above, what isn't a good time to own these? We are LONG TERM investors and feel this is one of a few opportunities of a lifetime. To get in on a market at it's infancy. Yes the market is still an infant and I want to be in it from infancy to adulthood. If you have followed us over the past week we have posted a few trades, some to trade as a core holding, some for a quick flip, and others to stay away from like the plague. But it doesn't take a P.H.D to look at the graph above and realize that many of these coins are headed on a Northbound expressway. Now that doesn't mean one or two won't have to pull over for gas, spend a night in a hotel, or even break down. But if you feel the market is going to mars you could put your money on 6-10 coins, never touch it, and still outperform the vast number of people trying to daytrade in 1 year.

A recent LTC post from a fellow analysts I follow read "I've closed all my long position for LTC above 86.00 level". Should I (you) do the same? We posted "this horse still has legs". Which one of us is right?

Let's draw a parallel. We bought a condo a few years back. The goal was having a second home on the beach when we retire. Many in the very same building bought units as well and are renting them out with plans to sell. They bought with the intent to sell, and we bought with the intent to hold. Our condo is no different than any of the coins listed above. We and others bought in 2013 when nobody believed in Realestate, but we knew this was a quality property and the future was bright . Some that bought in 2013 with us, flipped in 2014-2015 and made a quick 20%-30%. Hey that's great, that's good money. We knew it was still undervalued and now its' up 200%. We have a long term plan and objective and history has shown that if we just hold onto quality assets it will be worth much more than it is now. We are not going to try and time the market with a quality asset, and neither should you.. See we and the Jones's had/have two entirely different goals, objectives, and plans.

So now which one of us is right? Actually both of us. Both blogs were intended for two different strategies, ours is a long term holding trade, and D-mans is a short term hit and flip. We explained we are are trading around a core position, and the other analyst implied it was only a trade. So what do you do? Well first do you have a plan, objective and goal? Next do you have a strategy. Once you get these figured out, the final question is "What's in Your Wallet". I guarantee the graph above has done better as a whole then you have trading in and out. If not you wouldn't be reading this. If what is in your wallet does not line up with your plan and goals, then you need to empty out the junk from your wallet, and tighten it up. Do you own to many speculative coins and not enough thoroughbreds?

If you think LTC, BTC ETH or others will have a 16,000% return in the next year as D-man implied, then as an investor you want to be in, and adding with profits from rentals, not closing out your position. But if this was just a trade because you have a better house down the road, then maybe you should take off some profits or close the position. We mention over and over, have a plan and stick to it, don't be near sided. So take a good look at your goals and objectives this weekend, come up with a plan, and take a good hard look at "What's in Your Wallet", before trading in and out without a goal. Have a great weekend. And yes Beach BBQ 12 Monday!
Put SIA in there, buddy boy. That's what's in my wallet.
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goldbug1 Piptocurrency
@Piptocurrency, It's on our watch list, still need to do some more research but it's definitely on there. And thank you for posting that, it's good to get alternate ideas.
Yes, but you can do both: keep the long-term plan alive and still take advantage of market cycles by swing trading. If properly timed, not only do you get the suggested 16,000% return on the original number of coins, but you may actually double the number of coins along the way. If this correction goes deep enough, one could extend the number of bitcoins by 30% - sold at $5000, bought back low. One extra fee you also pay is peace of mind, though.
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goldbug1 SafeGamble
@SafeGamble, Absolutely, as long as you have a plan and direction. The object is to be the index. With some work and effort you can beat it.
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SafeGamble goldbug1
@goldbug1, in this case still a somewhat sketchy plan, but trying to focus and consolidating with experience. Thank you for your insights/information overall and addressing my comment.
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goldbug1 SafeGamble
@SafeGamble, I would also recommend having core holdings you never sell. You'll find over time they perform rather well especially the likes of BTC ETH and LTC. I really like LTC here
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SafeGamble goldbug1
@goldbug1, yes, those coins are definitely on my top list. I sold a few, but plan to get back when the time is right.
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SafeGamble SafeGamble
@goldbug1: oh sorry, you meant core holdings: XRP and most of my NEO on private wallets. Not selling. :-)
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goldbug1 SafeGamble
@SafeGamble, Love both of them and own them!! ;) great job
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goldbug1 SafeGamble
@SafeGamble, I will tell you from experience selling core holdings leaves you wishing you owned them when they run. I mean who wouldn't want BTC at $1600 right now ;)
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