Great News for BITCOIN: Bulls About To Put Bears In Headlocks!

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Dear Friends!

D4rkEnergY is back with an super exciting Bitcoin-update. We have been witnessing a crazy fight between the bulls and the bears the last couple of days. But the bulls have right now a perfect opportunity to strangle the bears to death, and continue up, up up!! D4 will explain you why:

We are at this very moment looking at the 2h BTCUSD Chart.

1. We are finally above the descending channel and in an uptrend!
2. We will hopefully soon have a bullish MACD-Cross and the bulls will again take over control.
3. The RSI is pointing up, and we have plenty of space to continue our journey to heaven.
4. The volume bars are increasing even though we would prefer more volume (above the MA20 volume )
5. We have completed our needed retracement from Elliot Subwave 1-2 on almost 50 %. That means, that we now are on the 3rd Elliot Subwave which often are the longest and never the shortest!
6. The 1D and 4h charts are also overall bullish too.

So basically everything is bullish right now. And as you can see it all perfectly match with existent patterns. How we will manage to go through the inverse HS Pattern and so on.

What more do we want? If the bulls will not succeed in winning this battle it's like missing 3 penalty kicks in a row in football!!

D4 is everywhere
D4 predicts everything

PS. Please give a BIG LIKE and FOLLOW! D4 is looking so much forward to Wednesday where he will reveal everything. And D4 will make some of you guys RICH <3
Komen: This should be such an easy victory for the bulls! First a low kick, then a jab, duck, spinning elbow and then an arm bar.

There is only problem we have to be aware of though. And that is, that people draw their trendlines differently. So our biggest enemies right now are all these people, who still believe, that we are in the descending channel.

But that's part of the game too! Remember to give a like and follow for more updates. It is much appreciated <3

Komen: Everything is still good! We were in 10,8k. We are having a small correction now, and that is ok. We can now get further up via a bull flag or the inverse Head and Shoulder!

We also just had a bullish MACD-cross as predicted. Please give a LIKE :)

Komen: My lovely Crypto-family! Do you see it? D4 is doing it again. We are killing those bears! I told you before, that a bull flag will rise!

Seriously D4 deserves a BIG LIKE. Every single BTC updates has been spot on. Admitted. D4 is talking the talking, BUT he is also WALKING THE WALK! <3

Komen: Bitcoin is strong! We were at 11,2k, but are at this point having a smaller correction at about 11k. That is ok. It seems like we have found support in a broadening ascending wedge.

The bullls ARE stronger. Look at the volume bars. We have more than the MA20 volume in the green bars. The red bars are all lower than the MA20.

It is just a matter of time before we will complete our Elliot Wave 5. The big questions is, how far up will we go, before we will go into an ABC-correction of the whole EW Cycle!

Love from D4! Please give a LIKE and FOLLOW for more! <3

Komen: I can see that some people are panicking as soon as Bitcoin goes down a bit. It is just a correction. We are seeing smaller corrections all the time.

And what we are witnessing right now is a sub-sub-wave retracement. We can afford to go down to 10,7k or even 10,6k, and BTC is still perfectly healthy.

The bears will later open the doors for us when we smash the inverse HS pattern in their head!

Komen: Back in 11,000 USD, baby! And as predicted the Inverse HS pattern has been created, which will take us even higher up at subwave 3 and up to EW5.

The RSI is also looking GOOOOD! The MACD the same. We just rejected the bears from making a bearish MACD-Croos!!

We lover our BULLS! PLS. give a LIKE and FOLLOW. Really appreciate it.

Komen: The NEW update is here! Enjoy, my lovely, LOVELY friends and family. Let D4 show you the way. Let D4 make you rich <3


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sorry asending triangle
Meraz Meraz
@Meraz, What do you think about this wedge?
@Meraz, Yea, the ascending wedge is real. Thats why in the new update I said, that we might fall to 10,7-10,6k. Hopefully we will thereafter climb up again. Because that fall is equal to a 61,8 % sub-sub wave retracement. And if we come up again we will go in via the new inverse HS pattern.

Another scenario is, that we immediately go up now to the top of the wedge and break up because of the inverse HS pattern.
Meraz D4rkEnergY
@D4rkEnergY, Thanks,I saw your analysis details just after posting my chart,I think we're going up right now,bought the dip ^_^
Really good to here we should not go back to lows and lower go btc.i will look now to add btc to existing positions on pull backs
Thankyou d4 great charts
+1 Balas
ohh stop with these H&S i follow all ur posts but the head and shoulders is silly. I can point out H&S everywhere on a bitcoin chart due to its volatility
+2 Balas
D4rkEnergY detroit313
@detroit313, This is also for educational purpose. Not everyone is on the same level as you. So I try to make people recognize patterns. But thank you for your input, and thank you for following me. I appreciate it :)
+1 Balas
Blaz1985 detroit313
@detroit313, no H&S for me, I see only butterfly patterns everywhere...
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